Alexandra Bruce Deep State Blowout! Hunter Biden Laptop Ukraine War & Looking Glass

DEEP STATE BLOWOUT! Alexandra Bruce has had an amazing career from directing popular Music Videos for MTV to authoring books on deep esoteric subjects and UFOs. For the past decade she’s been publishing a wide range of political and spiritual topics at Major Topics Hunter Biden Laptop Looking Glass Time Tech Deep State Ukraine Russia War UFO File Monarch Programming Known as the pulse for Alternative Research, Alexandra’s work at Forbidden Knowledge TV is always insightful and informative. She has a reputation as a cutting edge observer of rising trends who always gets there first on important stories, In today’s interview with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt she takes on the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal and it’s implications for the end of the Biden Presidency with breakthrough revelations. She also goes deep on the real reason for the war in Ukraine and takes us over the edge with her insight on rumors of a CIA program for viewing the future called “Looking Glass!”