Alan James Interviews Harry Rhodes – 3rd May 2023

Harry has, for years, begged for natural and scientific knowledge. From an educational viewpoint he was a clean slate. He had a simple education and never went to college, university, the Royal academy of science, etc etc. From just six years old, he experimented with everything he could lay my hands on. He smashed open his first etcha sketch within hours just to find out how it could draw as if by magic! More recently he desperately wanted to understand and turn knowledge into technologies that can help all life to heal and flourish. There is a great awakening happening now and it covers every field and subject for all life on this earth. He is a simple family man with a beautiful wife and child but feel privileged and humbled to be entrusted with knowledge that has laid foundations for not just helping to heal people but changing our whole environment to a healthy “feel good” place to enjoy. He is grateful that someone somewhere presented some amazing and natural technologies that have proven to be awe inspiringly real. Subjects such as cancer, asthma, the weather, how to restructure water, how to make plants grow naturally at almost twice their current pace and size, reverse vaccine damage, and much more. His prized desire is to see this earth being converted into a paradise full of healthy fulfilled people on a beautiful healthy planet. He has two sayings Make Earth Great Again” M.E.G.A. and “Only Results Count”.
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