Ah, Gosh, the Payload Finally Revealed

Here you go:
All this while, I have been patiently waiting while the doctors and geeks and lab techs did the sort-and-analyze process. 
What have I been waiting for? 
News of what the actual “payload” was.
This is it. 
Early on, the mechanism to inject the payload into the cell was revealed. 
But that’s like explaining how a boxcar connects to a train.  It doesn’t tell you what’s in the boxcar. 
So I waited. 
It became clear that the contents of the boxcar included some bizarre things: self-assembling nano-transceivers that continue to send and receive messages even after the victim is dead, poisonous spike protein transcriptase codes, incendiary metallic salts, exotic parasitic heart worm eggs, formaldehyde, polyethylene glycol, all sorts of noxious goodies. 
Things that nobody in their right mind would ever voluntarily put in their bodies. 
But still, I waited. 
What do I mean by a GMO payload? 
I mean something that permanently alters your natural genetic code, and forces your cells to manufacture a chemical that will certainly and reliably kill you: the bomb in their boxcar. 
Here it is, after all these months. 
This is the GMO payload.  


It’s time to gather together, make up our minds, and begin the process of retribution.