Abdicating Personal Responsibility

The sovereign ruler of the self vs. the sovereign ruler of the collective.
Guess which one is based on Truth and justice?

Freedom begins with a concept — a state of mind. The mind, once freed, then goes on to pursue physical freedom as well. In John 8:32, Jesus states: “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” Freedom comes from truth, and cannot come from central government — itself being a fraud, and its methods primarily lies, tricks, and deceit.

Freedom for man is expressed perfectly in God’s law as it sets guidelines to protect one’s own freedom without violating the freedom of others. God, by teaching us His law (truth), gave us the means for freedom. Jesus reiterated it. Truth leads us towards freedom and away from slavery.

Freedom, like truth, is not inherited. It must be learned and preserved by each generation. The pursuit of truth, freedom and happiness is every man’s birthright and individual responsibility. It cannot be transferred or deferred to another or to a government. People who don’t accept individual responsibility, and won’t strive for their own freedom, are known as slaves.

In this physical world of matter. you either matter or you don’t. You are either an individual or you are part of the group. You are a freeman OR you are a slave. You are either a sovereign monarch on this planet or a subject, which is it? You either believe in absolute freedom, truth, and all it offers or you resonate with the fear of chaos and succumb to literally being an insignificant speck of mud.

I am here to inform you that you have been fashioned. Your thought processes have been steered, your emotional responses preyed upon, and your various worldviews have been MANufactured.

“But by whom and for what end?”, you ask. And I declare, “Wake the hell up!” Stop being a weak, timid sheep who has the capacity to be the ferocious lion which is your birthright. This world, in all it’s splendor, beauty, and magnificence has been HIJACKED by MANipulative, EGOmaniacal, SOPHISTicated sorcerors whose only ambition in this life is the furtherance of their personal power. Call them psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, or flat out [pigs – I don’t care; they are what they are, they exist, they are in control and you are not. That’s the bottom line.

They use their vast resources, wealth, and power (which you literally give to them via income taxes, estate taxes, property taxes, etc) to restrict your consciousness from expanding to ever greater and higher horizons. The antithesis of Love is fear and the wealthy power brokers, lawyers, and unsuspecting shills aggressively promote this idea as a progressive policy when it is nothing of the such. Much like prestige and sophistry, their policies have the surface “appearance” of beneficial” but the inner heart of deception to the core.

It is fallacious to “believe” we can accept “part” evil mixed into “part” good; the evil spoils the whole thing. This corresponds to part healthy diet to part unhealthy diet – the unhealthy portion spoils the whole basket.

So, it all boils down to either the acceptance of personal responsibility (our sovereign rulership of our own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, both internally and externally) or the abdication of that personal responsibility to an authority outside of ourselves (an external sovereign ruler – aka: a collectivist governing body).

We are either going to cry victim-hood from being duped and hoodwinked or come to understand how it is, exactly, that we are too blind to see that we are hoodwinked by investing our beliefs. We are blindfolded from understanding our true dominion on this physical plane. And coming to the understanding of that truth requires focus and attention on the spiritual plane; the realm of causation where the binding of our minds into the control grid is presently taking place.

It is the abdication of our personal responsibility, from understanding that our complicity with “the system of control” in which we are “buying into” is what legitimizes it. We are the one’s shining our lights into that dark world giving it life. We’re the one’s purchasing the story line and accepting it as a viable path. We’re the one’s investing our energy and lives into this graven image of reality. But who’s doing this to us again?

We are born into this world with the responsibility to learn the operations of nature’s laws, understand the balance between the laws and our free-will choices, and then consciously grow from that interplay in a positive, expansive way. Our purpose is to learn what is good and true by removing the wrongs from the equation. Period. And if you have read any of my posts, you can come to understand quite clearly that it is your PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY (as an individual) to do this TASK with determination in your personal life IF YOU EVER wish to cultivate any actual freedom from authority.

Number 1 is to STOP believing in authority out there somewhere. You are an individual with specific talents, skills, traits, personality, etc. And you are extremely valuable. Not as a human resource to this control grid chained around the Earth but to your fellow human being. We literally need you to come out of your induced stupor of football, beer, and pizza to take up the most noble cause life has to offer – that of cultivating personal integrity, honesty, purity, sound reason, courage, conscience, care, empathy, compassion, and dominion over your thoughts, feelings, and deeds.

Number 2 is to STOP operating on your feelings. Okay, so you feel bad about yourself sometimes, and I would suggest that if you don’t you’re very good at lying to yourself, and you’ve convinced yourself that you can not possibly cultivate any relevant change on this Earth. I submit that that is a negative belief you keep buying into. The pattern of failure deserves your immediate attention because “poor me” is not making you “great me”. What comes around goes around and we perpetuate our own feelings of dismay, dissatisfaction, and disappointment by feeling helpless. In a world, right now, of unlimited data, the answers are at your fingertips to helping you discover your demons and conquer them so there is no excuse for this behavior any longer.

Number 3 is the notion that action is required if change is going to occur. You literally have to move your mind into thinking about an outcome you would personally like to achieve and then do it. Laziness and procrastination are by-products of helplessness and you are not helpless. You may “think” you are and that’s the issue… your thinking. It’s so easy to not think that it becomes habitual, just remember if you are not thinking you are being dominated. And if you are being dominated, you are part of the problem with the world. Knee pain, back aches, neck aches, without any physical damage are resultant from helpless thinking and can be changed. It takes effort, persistence, and a vision to alleviate those ills.

We are born into this world with unlimited power. It’s true. Just seek and find this out for yourself. Our free-will is precious indeed. But to limit our power/ possibility, past generations of humanity have instituted restrictions on free-will. And as a result of being born by Parents who were conditioned their whole lives into the habits of staying within the parameters of that box, fear of the chaos is driven home to the progeny, generation after generation. It is a system of control on exactly where the free-will can extend to and this is morally wrong. We are, as a result, coerced into blindly accepting this box as reality when it is not. This box is a mental construct that imprisons consciousness from expanding into greater beyounds of imagination and possibility. Adherence to, and complicity with human laws that promote this restriction of free-will is an individual choice. There is no “common good” that restricts free-will by way of coercion, threat of violence, or duress. It’s just a matter of fact.

The Imagination of Man and the Possibilities of where that CAN take us as a species is RIGHT NOW being controlled. It is being controlled by the varying degrees upon which restrictions are placed upon us by Government and it really hits home because the jobs we go to work at everyday of the work week are under the command of this giant institution. And WE OURSELVES enable that restriction by complying with those restrictions on an individual basis. How are we ever to understand what is possible if we are mentally driven down the same road where we repeat the same mistakes over and over in a wash, rinse, repeat cycle? People are so worried about things within this construct, this illusory system of control; sick over struggling to survive that they do not literally have the time or energy to seek after that which is genuine, authentic and true – that of which can literally save them from the clutches of tyranny, KNOWLEDGE.

We are not to abdicate our personal responsibility, in this regard, as individuals. If we can sense grips of control that are opposite to what we know is right, it is our duty to not comply. We are born to come to understand the operation of how nature actually operates and the laws that govern the whole also govern the individual component parts. We are to learn by making mistakes INDIVIDUALLY to comprehend this. If we are going to continue to create restrictions, say this is legal or that is legal because we fear chaos erupting, we are essentially stagnating the natural growth of the evolutionary possibility of where consciousness itself can transcend to. Why is this not common knowledge?

abdicate (AB duh kayt”) (verb), abdicates; abdicated; abdicating 1. To renounce formally, which is commonly done by a monarch of a throne; to vacate a throne, to relinquish, to abandon: Edward VIII of England abdicated the throne so he could marry a commoner whom he loved. A king who abdicates, renounces, or swears away his kingly privileges and duties.

This is YOU. You are the KING/ QUEEN. Here in America, the founders instituted the universal law that all human beings are sovereign kings/ queens over their own lives. It is a universal truth and people are just now beginning to discover this truth very deeply. You are only a victim so long as you bury your head in the sand leaving your buttocks exposed to the raping and pillaging it is going to get. And once they are done with your rear-end and have no further use after it’s obliteration, it will be burned to ashes and forgotten. The time is nigh to pull the head out of the proverbially sand and start paying attention to the barbarians tactics, tools, organization, strategies, and implementation.

2. To refuse to accept an obligation or responsibility: When the author agreed to edit the book, she was abdicating her contract when she suddenly quit without notice.

This is where we have given away, for free, our personal responsibility that we are bound to fulfill with the cosmic intelligence which underlies the evolution of consciousness. Think about that! We have become so consumed with our own little vain individual egos that we have completely forgotten, and overlooked, as a species, that the parts are not greater than the whole. The whole herein described is not the “collective” in some “group” of humanity itself but is the creative will that is the evolution and furtherance of consciousness which beget the human race into manifestation.

3. To proclaim or declare to be no longer one’s own, to disclaim, disown, cast off; especially, to disown or disinherit children: Gary Brown abdicated his responsibilities as a husband and father and never returned to be with his wife and children.

To no longer accept responsibility for your actions. To identify yourself as a victim. To blame others for as to why you are behaving irresponsibly is still the total abdication of your rightful and true throne of Sovereign.

4. To give up (a right, trust, office, or dignity); to leave, to lay down, to surrender, to abandon; at first implying voluntary renunciation, but now including the idea of abandonment by default: Governments, both national and local, seem to be abdicating their responsibilities to provide a good education for all of their citizens by greatly reducing the financial expenditures that are needed.

When you do not possess the capacity to ACT responsibly, someone is going to step in and FORCE you. For instance, if you cause harm to other sentient beings as you move through life, that is a selfish act and it is the responsibility of those of us who can see that for what it is, to correct that action. Theft, murder, rape, invasion, violence… all acts of a puny little mind that has not grown up and in some cases, can not grow up. Just because people like this do exist, such as in the case of born psychopaths, does not mean we must all lower our standards to accept this behavior as the norm. It is not the norm, it is pathetic.

5. To abandon, to surrender, or to give up: Tom abdicated his responsibilities and left town.

You can not escape your duty. You can believe that you will be leaving your responsibilities behind but you will be lying to yourself. We are BOUND to this obligation to the universal will whether anyone sees that clearly or not, you will ALWAYS relive that lesson no matter where you try to run and hide or escape to – because there is no hiding from it. It’s always knocking at your door. It’s called the natural law of attraction.

6. To leave one’s position, office, or power: Yielding to the pressure of public opinion, the president of the country is abdicating his political authority. The outraged citizens forced the talk-show host to abdicate his radio program.

Now this is where we are calling on those who are currently in positions of so called “authority” to abdicate their “perceived” thrones and get with the program of equality of individuals rather than the common good of the “perceived” group.

7. Etymology: from Latin ab-, “away” + dicare, “to proclaim”. When people abdicate their positions, they “proclaim away” their authorities.

abdicate (AB duh kit) (adjective), more abdicate, most abdicate A descriptive term for a person who has given up a right, a trust, or an office; either voluntarily or under pressure: The abdicate congressman resigned his position after his party urged him to leave when he finally admitted presenting himself inappropriately on an internet social-networking site.

abdication (ab” duh KAY shuhn) (s) (noun), abdications (pl)

1. The act or fact of giving up a high office, a throne, or an authority; resignation: The council denied that their decision represented any abdication of responsibility.

2. The action of formally renouncing, disowning, or casting off. Now only applied to the disowning of a son in Roman Law: In choosing the abdication of his son as his successor, the landlord broke the line of succession of ownership.

3. Resignation, surrender, abnegation: Following the abdication of Joy Little’s position as judge left her with a sense of relief.

4. Resignation or abandonment, either formal or virtual, of sovereignty or other high trust: Theabdication of Gerald Room’s position as Chief Executive Officer surprised everyone.

5. A formal yielding or relinquishment of the ownership of goods by an insurer to the underwriters: The insurance company determined that the abdication of ownership of the ship was the only way to cut their losses when the ship was wrecked. It seemed like a long summer of abdications; first the prince’s abdication of the throne to marry the woman he loved, then we had the CEO’s abdication of his position as head of the company.

6. Etymology: from Latin abdicationem; from ab-, “away” + dicare, “proclaim”.

abdicator (s) (noun), abdicators (pl)

1. Someone who gives up a high office, formally or officially; especially, a royal throne: The duke, by giving up his title, was seen by many as an abdicator; but he was happy to retire to the country and since his younger brother also chose to abdicate his position, they were referred to as the ‘Brother Abdicators’.

2. Anyone who fails to fulfill a duty or responsibility: The manager of the store lost his position because he was accused of being an abdicator of his duties.

abduce (verb), abduces; abduced; abducing

1. To lead or to draw away by some act or a persuasion: The Pied Piper was able to abduce the children to run away from home. The ditch abduces the flood water off the street. The children were abduced from the proximity of the barking dog by their teacher. By abducing the kitten to move from the ledge of the window with a bowl of milk, the woman saved the kitten’s life.

2. To draw away or to move away from a median plane: The doctor had to abduce the patient’s right arm from its midplane to the side and back again.