A Naturalized Canadian Woman from Romania Gives a Speech for the Ages


February 22, 2022

A woman born in Romania gave a moving speech the other day to a gathering of Canadians protesting the Covid oppression of Justin Trudeau and his band of totalitarian collaborators.

It was one of the most powerful speeches I have ever come across.

(In case the footage gets taken down from YouTube, you can watch it on Reddit at this link. If it gets removed from Reddit, you can search for it elsewhere under the title “Communist Romania Story & How To Revolution Okanagan Freedom Convoy Pt.2”)

Having been brought up under the iron boot of the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, the lady knows all too well the smell of the totalitarian rat. It is her own personal experience that gave her the insight to understand and grasp so clearly what is now unfolding in Canada and, indeed, in a number of other Western democracies as well.

What most people living in the West still do not realize is that we have come precariously close to the edge of totalitarian takeover. Even though we have been forced to endure spades of tyrannical chicanery – such as home detention, forced masking, vaccine mandates, election fraud, censorship, business and church closures, travel restrictions among others – many people still cannot quite connect the dots and comprehend that this had nothing to do public weal, but it was an attempt at totalitarian imposition.

Those of us who have lived under totalitarian systems are shocked and deeply concerned. Some of the outward forms and circumstances may be different from what we experienced in our native lands, but the underlying dynamic feels eerily familiar.

Having endured more than two decades under Ceausescu and then resettling in Canada, the indomitable lady could have hardly imagined that the same forces of despotism that kept a stranglehold on her country of birth would come to threaten her new home in North America.

She stood up to that evil and gave her Canadian fellow citizens a precious gift: words of truth that accurately describe their predicament and show the way out.

Her speech is less than seventeen minutes long, but it is a heroic act of courage, wisdom and love. By giving this talk, the lady rendered a great service not only to her Canadian compatriots but to all people who yearn for freedom from Covid tyranny.

I urge you to watch the speech given by that courageous lady. I am convinced it will touch your heart.