A Few Years from Today It’s coming.

A Few Years from Today

It’s coming.


A few years from today, humanity, and Earth will be manifesting entirely different energies.

Now, we can conceptualize humanity as encountering new energies from space in the form of the increased emanations from galactic center, while being controlled by a clan that is desperate that these energies NOT be acknowledged, nor accepted, nor absorbed, nor integrated. These circumstances necessarily bring contention and conflict to humanity at very deep levels.

The ability of the Elohim worship cult (the ruling clan) to continue in their mindset and control is waning due to these energies. The contention arising from the Elohim worship cult’s attempts to retain control despite these new energies is itself further eroding their ability to control the rest of humanity.

This period, now, within Humanity, is factually, the shift of the Ages. It is not possible for us, on this side of the coming changes, to accurately estimate the magnitude of what those changes will produce within Humanity.

A primary change will be the removal of the Elohim worship cult from power. Much of this will be accomplished by the HyperNovelty in which ALL ‘authority’ is removed from Humanity. As the Elohim worship cult only can exist within the construct of social authority, they are naturally in decline now, and will cease to be a meaningful force in a shockingly few years.

The ‘authority’ of ‘medicine’ is now dying very rapidly. Ergo, when the Elohim worship cult ‘medicine structure’ issues a warning of a new disease within their narradigm, it becomes yet another instance of a ‘jew yelling flu’, and not to be taken seriously by thinking people.

Many, a great many, of the unthinking people will be dying over these next few years as a result of the last fake flu, and this will be increased by the “Last Desperate Move” of the Elohim worship cultists to seize cities as power bases within the ‘liberal’ Western Republics.

None of the strategies nor tactics of the Elohim worship cult will succeed. Their ability to deny time, and the movement of our solar system into new energies, has exhausted itself. Humanity is changing and there is nothing to be done to stop it by the Elohim worship cult.

A few years from now, on the other side of the Time of Testing, on the other side of the Make-A-Way period, Humanity will be emerging into SciFi World.

In that time, ‘environmentalism’ will not mean climate crazies, but will mean people actively working to remove, and remediate pollution. And to increase biosphere activity.

In a few years time, the consumer society will be dead. There will be hundreds of thousands of new farms. The ‘food body’ of planet earth will be increasing, and increasing in diversity as the various ecosystems are studied in a real way involving real science that includes the notion of ‘Consciousness’ as an active participant in our unfolding reality.

There will be whole new industries around health, not disease. The allopathic agenda created by Rockefeller and the Elohim worship cult will be gone.

Along with the Elohim worship cult, we will also lose their dominance by deceit of the ‘academic’ worlds of humanity. The removal of the cult by way of the Delivery of Justice for the covid (and other) psychological operations will free science. There will be a new academic structure that rises, but it will not include the control mechanisms (peer review et al) of the Elohim cult.

Along with the Elohim worship cult exposure, and removal from all power positions, a long needed examination of both true history, and the lies of the religions, will remove what we now think of as the Abrahamic religions. These will naturally change under the new information coming out over these next few years, however, it will be the exposure to the Elohim themselves, those space aliens at the heart of the Torah/Bible/Q’uaran that will be the deciding factor in the dissolution of these religions based on the deliberate distortion of human past by the Elohim.

Think this not to happen? Imagine worshiping YHWH / Jehovah, the Elohim, as a god only to meet/see him as he is in reality, and not the distortions of the propaganda, when this being is mentally ill by human standards, and is a sadist, a drunkard, an addict, and drinks human blood, and consumes human children as meat, and as adrenochrome. Same with all the ‘angels’, and especially the ‘arch-angels’. Kind of takes all the mystery and majesty out of the religion.

In a few years time, we will be building out SciFi World. This will be surprisingly fast in its manifestation. This will be due to the shedding of the mental blockages of the ‘grit religion’ of the Elohim worship cult overlay on science. Due to the liberation of science from the grit paradigm, new discoveries will put us rapidly on the path to recovery and exploitation of new technology. The new technology will be combinatoric in its impact. The new understanding of real science will rapidly lead to the creation of new industry, and opportunity.

New science, new technology, new understanding of, and focus on human health, mental, spiritual, and physical, has already started emerging from within the destruction, death, and social chaos of the covid scam. This effort at depopulation by the Elohim worship cult has actually led to the dying phase of the Rockefeller (jewish) culture of ‘medicine’ in which the focus is disease, rather than health. As this model perishes, we can expect the ‘disease schools’ to close. Their funding will wither within these next few years (70+ % to be gone in 2 years time), and the doors will shut after the disasters caused by their ‘graduating’ whole classes of incompetent people into the ‘medical field’. The break down of ‘medicine’ as an industry will happen very rapidly following the take down of the ‘Big Pharma’ companies.

In a few years time, SciFi World will be emerging all around you, both in the new infrastructure for humanity, and in the new social activities. Humanity itself, individually, and collectively is changing due to the increased energies from galactic center that are a predictable part of our solar system’s passage around the rim of the galaxy.

In a few years time, an entirely different you will be exploring an entirely different world populated by an entirely different humanity. Of course there are the space aliens, but eh? Nothing new, and Universe always will be providing some shit to deal with…

In just a few years time.