A Brief History of the United States Corporation & the Hidden Contracts Tricking You Into ‘Voluntary Servitude’

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Hello, my friends. I am pretty excited to dive into today’s topic for you guys.

This is definitely going to challenge your belief systems if you’ve never heard this before. And you might find yourself upset or angry or triggered or whatever it may be. So this is my fair warning that if you don’t feel like keeping an open mind at this moment or during this season of your life, then maybe this episode isn’t for you.

Having said that, I know that if you appreciate my podcast and if you’re tuning in, you’re likely eager for the type of knowledge that tends to trigger and upset people because it conflicts with what we’ve been taught to believe.

So without further ado, what I’m going to be diving into today has everything to do with the history of the United States of America.

And if you’re anything like me, you were taught all about our forefathers, and our presidents, and Lincoln freeing the slaves, and maybe the Revolutionary War. And you were taught that the United States of America is a nation, that it’s a country, and that we should be proud to, you know, wear our flag or whatever it may be.

And what I have come to learn in my own self-education, when I stopped letting people feed me what I’m supposed to believe, and I actually went out to seek all sides of the argument and put together my own beliefs, I have come to find that the United States of America isn’t a nation at all. It’s a corporation. It’s a business.

And when I say that, I’m not saying that figuratively. I’m not saying, you know, politics are business as usual. No, no, I’m not saying that as a clever statement. I’m being literal.

The United States is no longer a nation. It is a corporation. And the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can free yourself, your family, and your loved ones from unnecessary oppression. Because as we’re going to dive into today, so much of what is going on in this 2022 world, which is when I’m filming this, has to do with the fact that we are property of the United States, Inc. corporation. And we don’t know that.

So we think that we’re supposed to have rights. We think that we’re ‘we the people’ under the Constitution, and we think that our vote actually matters. And we think that things are going to get better. But what we don’t understand is that this was all masterfully planned and executed and continues to be.

And so I’m going to be outlining some of the basics of our history. And I’m going to keep this as short as I can. I don’t want this to be longer than maybe 40 minute episode. So I’m going to do my best. So let’s dive in.

We’re going to start around the Civil War, and I’m just going to keep things at a very macro level.

So during the Civil War, the constitutional republic, which is what we had at the time, abandoned Congress, which forced President Lincoln to issue martial law. At this time, the republic was taken over by foreign insurgents who replaced it with the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc. (in all caps). This occurred in 1871.

This corporation was later purchased by the banking powers that were behind the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1912.

Wait, what? Yes. So let me recap that.

What am I saying here? And I’m not really saying this. I’m just translating it for you. I didn’t make this up. I wish this weren’t true, honestly, but I’m not ever going to live in ‘ignorance is bliss’ land. This is what I know to be true.

So what I just laid out to translate, make it a little more simple: We were a nation. We were a country. But what happened was foreign insurgents took over the constitutional republic that we used to have — which was based off of the Constitution, which was a nation with free sovereign people, individuals — and replaced it with a corporation that had the same name.

It’s just like when a magician is doing a card check on you and they want you to pay attention to their right hand so that you don’t notice the slight of hand that they’re doing with their left hand. That’s exactly how manipulation is often done.

So the United States, what better way to replace it without anyone noticing that they just got turned into a business and commercialized? Just call it the same exact thing, the United States of America Inc. And this occurred in 1871.

Now this corporation was later purchased by the banking powers behind the Fed in 1912. Now the Fed was created in 1913.

So if you do your due diligence on your history, and more so on the financial side, on the commerce side of history, you’re going to start to put together… Wait a minute. So this aligns perfectly.

The United States corporation was purchased by the same few wealthy families who are behind the IMF [International Monetary Fund], such as the Rothschilds. And they basically purchased the United States of America one year or less before the creation of the Federal Reserve, which we have witnessed what that has done to our dollar supply inflation, the average living wage, et cetera, et cetera.

Hmm. Okay. So let’s go a little bit more into that.

When they purchased this, why did this happen? Well, the US was bankrupt. We went straight up bankrupt and could not afford to carry on business as usual. So they had to do something about that. And so they were in a position where they were actually willing to sell the United States and basically commercialize it, turn it into a corporation.

So when we sold this (I say ‘we’, but just, you know, didn’t have to do with me, but we’ll say ‘we’ because I am American) — When we sold the United States to foreign banking cartels, if you will, salvage liens — (for those of you who are familiar with a lien, that’s basically a security interest, like the bank has on your house, if you have a mortgage or your car if you have a unpaid-off car) — salvage liens were placed on every asset — check this out — including the people of the new federalized states.

Now let’s fast forward to 1933. The USA Inc. went bankrupt. Seems to be a recurring theme, huh.

So the USA Inc. goes bankrupt and an income tax was placed on the people to pay these foreign bankers who own the IMF, which owns the IRS.

And I try to educate people who want to try to have debates with me about paying taxes. Just look into what the IRS actually is. Go deeper than googling ‘ what is the IRS?’ or trusting that it says IRS.gov so it’s a government organization. You got to go deeper. Of course, it’s going to say dot gov. This is a private corporation that is owned by the IMF. Who is the IMF owned by? You got to follow the money. You can’t just search that. You have to follow the money. Who funds it. Go find those things out.

It’s the same people that own the United States, Inc. Same few families and they’re not American. So when I say foreign insurgents, that’s what I mean.

So 1933, USA Inc. goes bankrupt. So an income tax is placed on its people, we the people. And this income tax is basically used to pay the foreign insurgents back. That’s basically how they’re using it.

So in other words, you and I were turned into property, aka chattel. C-H-A-T-T-E-L. Look it up. Sounds like cattle, doesn’t it? Spelled just like it.

We were turned into cattle, property. And we were collateralized in order to turn us, humans, flesh and blood, into a means of paying off a massive debt to foreign banking powers, foreign money, European money, those who actually run the world.

So it’s important to have this minimal, minimal background. You notice I didn’t need to go super deep at all. We’re not going to be going super deep in any of this. These are just foundational things that we need to understand. Because if you can understand that, then you can understand now why you’re taxed.

You can understand why you don’t actually have rights. Because this whole time you’ve been thinking that you’re a person, a person with feelings who has rights, who gets to vote and stand up for what they believe in. But the problem is, is that while you are technically a person, you’ve entered into contracts that you’re completely unaware of — such as your birth certificate, social security number, marriage, etc. that have consented (oh, driver’s licenses, passports, etc.) — that are all saying I consent to being collateralized, digitized and turned into a fictitious entity, a.k.a. a corporation. And this corporation is the property of the United States, Inc. which is the property of European money.

So when you think you’re pledging allegiance to the flag or you think you’re being patriotic about America, we have to realize what we’re actually pledging to or supporting. America is a business. It would be like if you were a really, really, really loyal follower of Apple, the publicly traded company. Well if you’re supporting Apple, well you would want to know who is the largest owner or shareholder of Apple. And that is who you would actually be supporting by supporting Apple. Do you see what I mean? That’s a publicly traded company.

Well this is no different. The only difference is that America isn’t on the publicly-traded stock market in the same way. Even though you can look this up on Dun and Bradstreet, and I would encourage you to. And if you don’t know what Dun & Bradstreet is, that’s a basically business credit — uses a completely different credit score and scoring system. And instead of a FICO, they go off of a Dun & Bradstreet number. And so you enter in an EIN or you can search different businesses and you can see if they exist or the name or where they’re located or blah, blah, blah. And you can look into it.

The United States corporation, the In God We Trust, Cede & Co. I’m just saying y’all.

So if you own something — let’s circle back to this property discussion. If you own something, that thing doesn’t have rights. I want you to think about it. You have 100% say over how your property is treated. And that is the situation that we’re in today.

You don’t get to choose what goes in your arm, or your mind, or how much you get taxed, or any of that, because you’re living as property as opposed to living as a blood and flesh natural being, a child of God, the most high.

And this is literally why commerce and law is spiritual. Because we are sinning when we are not living in alignment with the most high. Right?

Problem is is religion taught us that that meant one thing. But what that actually means is allowing situations like this to occur. That’s a great example.

When you’re living as property, when you’re allowing the system to categorize you as cattle — once again, I’m not being metaphorical. I’m not being cute here. I’m being literal. There are serious implications to these things.

On paper, you are property. You are a corporation right now. And people have no idea.

And before we can get into getting all pissed off, what do I do about it, Jeremy? I know I’m going to have so many messages after you guys hear this episode. All right. ‘I’m pissed off. What do I do about this?’. Well, before we can even get into all that, you need to firmly, firmly understand your roots. And your roots are the history, the history of all of this.

How did this situation come to be? It’s very, very fascinating stuff.

So something that’s important to understand on this topic is that none of this was done with full disclosure when it was being done.

I mentioned that we entered into contracts because we didn’t know what we were entering into. For example, a birth certificate, social security number, a driver’s license, checking that you’re a US citizen on certain boxes, just different situations, right? We don’t understand what these words actually mean. Therefore, when we look at contracts, we think they mean one thing, but they mean another. And even further than that, even outside of written contracts, we’re entering into contracts every single day of our life, constantly.

Contracts can be written. They can be something you’re aware of, something you’re unaware of. So we’re constantly entering into contracts. And what happened in this type of a situation when we got turned into property is this wasn’t fully disclosed. It was somewhat trickery, right? And so because of this, it’s not legally binding. And this is why taxes and many laws are voluntary, regardless of how many people try to argue with me or fight me on that. Taxes are voluntary.

And to go a little bit further into this, I would encourage you guys to look up what fraud in the inducement means. I-N-D-U-C-E-M-E-N-T, fraud in the inducement. Look up what that term means on Cornell Law website. And I want you to think about the implications of that.

Now that you understand the background and the history of the United States of America — which once again, you think we’re talking about a nation, but multiple United States of America’s exist. And as far as the politicians are concerned, as far as taxes are concerned, as far as speeding tickets are concerned, as far as voting is concerned, as far as your wages are concerned, as far as your rights are concerned, as far as your freedoms and your sovereignty and what happens to your children, as far as all of these things are concerned, which is basically everything, the United States is a corporation. And you need to start understanding that and exercising your rights and treating everything you do as if it is a contract, as if it is commercial, as if you’re a corporation doing business and engaging in commerce with another corporation, because that’s exactly what’s happening.

Anytime you, who you think is a person, but you’re actually operating as a corporation, does or speaks to or communicates with or engages with any other entity, you’re doing business and creating contracts. And you don’t even realize it.

And a lot of the reason that we’re in the situations we’re in today, many of us, is because we’ve consented to things that we don’t realize we’ve consented to — because we don’t understand our rights, we don’t understand what hat we’re wearing, we don’t even understand that the game’s being played. The other team knows the game’s being played. They made the rules and they’re playing it. But we don’t even know that the game started, so how could we possibly win?

That’s the situation that many Americans are finding themselves in right now. And no, this is not just specific to Americans. I’m going into the history of America, but as you can see, this has heavy implications into Europe. And these things are just as applicable, whether you’re in Australia, whether you’re in Europe, whether you’re in Canada. Those are the main ones that I will speak to as those are going to be the most relevant tied into America.

So as a natural person (which is what we actually are, we are natural persons), we are in fact creditors in life, but we have been programmed that we’re debtors. And due to ignorance and inaction, we the people have given our sheepish consent to pay back this fraudulent debt, and these fraudulent debts, and remain under control of this foreign government.

Now I’m going to wrap things up in the next few minutes here and I want to kind of bring this full circle so that you guys can understand. On the one hand, you might be hearing this and thinking, ‘we’re fucked. We’re property. Are you kidding me? We have so basically we have no rights because we’re property.’

And that’s true. We are property and property doesn’t have rights. But here is both the blessing and the curse. There are multiple of you, just like there’s multiple United States of Americas. Slight of hand, remember. What hat do they want to wear?

There are multiple of you. There’s the lower case you, the natural person. There’s the upper, all caps. Upper case, all caps you, which is your straw man. And there’s many other hats you could wear to be honest. The executor, the administrator, trustee. It just depends. Beneficiary. I’m not going to get into those, but if you know, you know.

Now the insane irony in all of this is the fact that because the United States Inc. has turned you into property, they are actually now liable for all of your alleged obligations, aka debts. That’s what a debt means. Go look up on Cornell Law what a debt means. Any obligation or alleged obligation.

So I want you to think about this. If you want to be pessimistic, yes, you were turned into property. If you have children right now, they are property. If you got them a birth certificate, you killed them and turned them into a fictitious entity, a corporation, which is a debt entity, corp-oration coming from corpse and oration meaning speak. Dead speak. Yes, that’s true. And you can wallow in that if you want. But is all hope lost? Are you screwed? Is it all over? No. No.

You can play a wrong move in chess and still win the game. And commerce is chess. So yes, you’ve been turned into property. And yes, you’re currently a corporation who doesn’t have rights, you’re property. Because the United States Inc. owns your corporation, aka what you think is you, what you’re used to doing business as.

Anytime you’ve ever filled out an application, they have your name in all caps, don’t they? They want your social, don’t they? There you go. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s you as a corporation.

Now that same thing — their greatest attempt to set us back, to trick us, to oppress us, to keep you in bondage, right? — actually is their greatest weakness. Because since they turned us into property, I want you to think about what happens to the property that you own. Aren’t you liable for it? If you own a car, don’t you have to pay taxes and insurance on that? Yeah. Interesting.

So the United States Inc., because they turned us into property, is actually liable for all of our alleged obligations, aka debts. So this is why it’s so important to understand foundational history before we can talk about: ‘Jeremy, I heard you discharged a car. How do you, how can I do that? Jeremy, I heard, I see you posting you discharge credit card debt. How can I do that?’. Before we get into that, we need to understand the history of this stuff and the foundations of this stuff at a deep, deep level.

So how can we owe debt if the United States is liable for all of its property? If we’re its property, then it’s the United States’ burden to pay our debt. And that is exactly what the law says. So to wrap things up, I’m going to leave you guys with two different codes that I highly recommend you look into and study until you understand what you’re actually reading.

First is going to be the House Joint Resolution Act 192. HJR 192, and I believe that is from 1933. I really recommend you look into that. And what you will find is quite interesting to give you a quick, tiny bit of context. And I’m not going to go too much into it because I want you guys to do your own studying… The dollar is no longer worth any amount of money, right? We know that it was taken off the gold standard. And when that occurred, the dollar was turned into what is called Federal Reserve Debt Notes. So if we’re being asked to pay debts, but all we are given from the system is debt notes, aka fiat money, to pay back those debts, how can we pay a debt with a debt? I just want you to sit with that.

How can you possibly pay your taxes, for example, with a debt? Because that’s what debt notes are. They never gave you lawful money. They never gave you gold. They never gave you silver. That’s sound money. That’s real money. They stopped circulating that. There is no peg for the dollar anymore.

So that’s one side of it. The other side of it is looking into 18 USC 8, 18 United States Code 8. And you read that enough times and decipher what each and every word in there means first, under a legal dictionary like Black’s Law or see how Cornell defines it, until you can piece together what this is actually saying. And you’re going to come to find out that that’s literally telling you that the United States is liable for all debt.

All of your debt, the United States is liable for it. So why are you paying it? Someone else should be paying it. And that someone isn’t you. So in this episode, I hope you’re at least walking away with a few simple understandings now.

Number one, how can you pay a debt with debt notes? Don’t let that go over your head.

Number two, if you’re the property of the United States, then the United States is liable for all of your alleged debts and anything you may owe. So why would you be paying it twice? They already got paid. Whoever’s coming after you saying you owe debt whatever, they already got paid. Why would you be paying it twice?

And then number three, the United States is not what you think it is. Your day to day life is not what you think it is. You’re entering into business contracts every day of your life, whether you’re on the phone, whether you’re having a conversation, whether a cop pulls you over, whether you apply for a credit card, whether you… literally anything, you’re entering into contracts constantly. And many of them, you have no idea what you’re entering into or that you’re even entering into one because you would not think of it as a contract. But it is, it is, and no signature is required.

Words bond as well. Words are very powerful. So is the pen and our ink, but words are very powerful. And all of this started because we are ignorant to the law. And before we can learn law, we have to learn the history of how the laws were created and what the laws are actually used for.

The laws are not used for what you think they’re used for. The laws are used to keep the property of the United States within certain confines so they don’t get out of hand — to regulate the chattel. The laws are not for the natural blood and flesh man.

Common law, a completely different higher level set of law that comes from God, the Creator, is for a natural blood and flesh man. And yet you have been following legal law your entire life.

And that is why you have things forced in your arm. That is why you might have lost your job if you refuse to get vaccinated. That is why maybe you did get vaccinated and you betrayed yourself just for some fake debt notes. That is why you’re having to make decisions with your children that you’re extremely uncomfortable with. That is why you’re paying taxes. And I could go on.

So I’m going to stop there guys. Very powerful episode. We’re going to build on this, but I’m just going to give you guys breadcrumbs, things that are digestible one at a time and we’re going to take you on a journey.

So if you found this valuable, please do me a favor and leave me a review. [Leave feedback at J-Griff YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZGN_01vCc4 or at J-Griff website.https://www.jgriff.org/] Let me know your honest thoughts. Any feedback you have for me, super open to it as well. But I really want to hear you guys honest thoughts. As far as I know, no one else is putting out this information. And I’m taking on a lot of energetic risk by putting this information out there. This is not something I need to put out. This is not something that the system wants me to put out at all. And I’m definitely going out on a limb to help you guys. So please help me help you by allowing this to reach more people. And the few ways in which you can do that are number one, leaving me a quality review. Number two, screenshotting this and sharing it on your social media and tagging me in it. And then number three, sending it to a friend whom you know would be open to this information or whom really needs this information.

The world we’re living in right now is not what you think. And the way out of the situation or the situations that you may be in right now, that your loved ones may be in right now, that your family may be in right now, is not praying or wishing on a star. We can be a lot more specific, tangible and practical than that.

And it all starts with the foundations of understanding what is actually going on so that we can understand the game before. And then once we understand the game, we can start playing the game so that we can start winning at the game.

The problem with most people I see is that they don’t even understand that there’s a game going on right now. And so of course you’re losing the game. How could you possibly win a game that you don’t even know is going on? So with that, I bid you all well, peace and love, and we will see you guys next time.

And then once we understand the game, we can start playing the game so that we can start winning at the game. The problem with most people I see is that they don’t even understand that there’s a game going on right now. And so of course you’re losing the game. How could you possibly win a game that you don’t even know is going on? So with that, I bid you all well, peace and love, and we will see you guys next time.



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