573.5- Part 1 = Q & A with Fortune de St. Germain – “Count” the Ways (Free)

This episode is part 1 of a Q & A covering current affairs with Fortune de St. Germain. All questions were submitted by members of Crrow777Radio and are confined to topics that relate to our current era. Our guest is a wealth of knowledge, to say the least, and managed to get through about half of the submitted questions. We are recording part 2 this week and finish all remaining questions, and post part 2 as the next episode on Wednesday. Fortune never disappoints and the breadth and scope of his knowledge is encyclopedic, which is evident in this episode. Please join us and tune in for a man who remembers the old world. In this era of change very little is certain, but it is clear now that the old world and the systems we once knew, are diminishing, by intent, and by design. It is also clear that these world-wide changes are timed to the ending of a cosmic cycle. The new era awaits us all, and each of us will contribute to the tone and tenor of the new era that is emerging now, as the destruction of the old systems accelerates to the point of no return.