551- 1933, A Never-Ending Emergency Defines Your Status (Free)

If it is true that our money has no actual value, and it is true that the notes we call money are nothing more than IOUs, then it follows that when we “buy” something, nothing of value has been exchanged for actual value. This line of logic dictates that anyone using money to buy property has provided no valuable consideration for the transfer of the property. Again, if all of the above is true we must ask, does anyone really own anything that has been “purchased” using valueless notes? While we are at it, do you know the difference between private, natural persons and artificial persons? If not, you might be interested to know that the rights of Individuals are restricted; only to the extent that they have been voluntarily surrendered by Citizenship, to the agencies of Government. One might ask, where is the “zen” in “citizen?… to make a bad pun. In this episode we also cover what happened in 1933, and as a result the ongoing state of emergency, as well as the current monetary reset. As for the monetary reset, it is all happening according to International Bankruptcy Law. Sweeping change is assured and coming quickly. Digital money is intended as part of the “reset” and will represent the largest loss of freedom in the modern world if it is successful. Not only will money be valueless, but it will track and control every transaction. Did you ever wonder why getting off the gold standard was so important? We also discuss how to sign documents and cover in detail, once again, the much argued “your name is a trust” reality. Many of the ideas we cover in this episode are argued about endlessly, and yet, proof exists in documented interactions with the very systems that were designed to “govern” your freedoms. For those of you still arguing about digital money, I would ask, does digital money have actual value, and – who made it? And to make the point, who made the gold and silver we use to use, that provided Valuable Consideration? It is often overlooked that there is no lie in Nature, which cannot be said of the governments, corporations and central banks who are attempting to employ the highest form of slavery ever devised. The tools they use will be made by men far from the truths of Nature, because their tools require no truth or concern for living beings to work.