533- Mind Precedes All, to Include Health and Healing (Free)

What role does state-of-mind and thought play in healing? How is it that this can even be considered a serious question? We know that the mind precedes all reality and experience, if time is taken to test this ancient eastern spiritual maxim. We know that the mind plays a key role in stress, sexual arousal, anger, happiness, etc. But again, why even bother wrestling with the notion of whether or not thoughts (mind) play a role in health and healing when we know about the “placebo effect”? I will tell you why. Because much of the medical community views the placebo effect as a mysterious, yet irrelevant and dismissible response. This is truly unfortunate because the placebo effect proves the power of thoughts and mind with regard to the physical world and healing. Simply search “placebo” on wiki to witness mainstream science religiously dismiss and back pedal a monumentally important proof that confirms the power of thoughts and the human mind. To add insult to injury, pharmaceutical drug makers use placebos to test their latest chemical concoctions. They administer a new drug to one group of people, and placebos to another, and do not inform the Guinea Pigs which is which. This is tantamount to dismissing the power of the human mind in the healing process, as the placebo that has been given is considered to have no effect at all… even though the placebo effect has been clearly shown to exist. We will side-step the growing number of doctors who state that no pharmaceutical drug, with the exception of antibiotics (which means against life), has ever cured anyone of anything. Another ancient eastern idea informs us that the body can only be cured by using things that make up the body, or that the body uses to build the body. Have you ever known a person who is happy all of the time? If so, have you noticed that these individuals tend to be healthy and rarely get sick? By the way, there are plenty of studies focused on this science-free observation. This is because there is a there – there. We are now entering an era where the power of the human mind, and thoughts, are under full frontal attack. From censorship to medical, legal and drug systems gone haywire, every effort is being made to derail the power of the human mind. Truly, your mind and thoughts matter in health and healing. As is stated in scripture, this is the era where we must all look within to take humanities next steps, spiritually and otherwise, to reveal the power of the human mind.