432 Hz vs 440 Hz Are we being manipulated

What frequency hides the harmony of the universe and was it deliberately taken away from us? One of the most existential questions of our time. This is where the conspiracy comes from. At some point, governments around the world issued a decree ordering everyone to tune the La tone to 440 Hz. There is said to be something sinister about the frequency of 440 Hz. It is said that the Rockefeller Foundation had an interest in ensuring that the United States adopted the 440 Hz standard in 1935 as part of the “war on consciousness” leading to “control of the musical cult”. This theory says that tuning all the music in the world to 440 Hz turns it into a weapon of war. Is this so? There are many serious studies confirming the destructive influence of the 440 Hz frequency on humanity. There are those who dispute the theory. But are they convincing enough or just a handful of dust in the eyes? We are about to find out in this video.