376- Birthing Fictions and Imaginary Paper Twins (Free)

This episode is a follow-up to episode “301- What Brand is Your Church and Does it Matter to a Baby?”. Here we dive deeper into the paper trail that begins at birth. Not only can it be shown the documents are fictitious and in error, but it can also be shown no one seems to know anything about what it all means or who started this document process. The research on offer here is meticulous and well documented, to include the proverbial non-truths that are created at birth. Who started this process? Who collects the fictitious documents? Why are we still involved in this fiction? I suspect many of you can answer some of these questions, but you will also learn much more in this episode. It seems we enter a world of fiction from the moment we take our first breath and never really break away from fictions during our lifetimes. Everything is but a dream in a dream, and the human mind makes real, things that have no reality.

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