2022 Physics Nobel Prize Winner: “I can very confidently assert, there is NO climate emergency.”


“I can very confidently assert, there is NO climate emergency.”

“As much as it may upset many people, my message is the planet is NOT in peril. … atmospheric CO2 and methane have negligible effect on the climate.

The policies government have been implementing are total unnecessary and should be eliminated.

So far, [we] have totally misidentified what is the dominant process in controlling the climate, and all of the various models are based on incomplete and incorrect physics.

The dominant process, is “the cloud-sunlight-reflexivity thermostat mechanism.

Clouds are all bright white, and they reflected 90% of the sunlight back into space making them the most crucial yet most overlooked aspect of the climate system.

Two-thirds of the Earth are ocean. The Pacific Ocean alone is half the Earth. The average cloud cover for the Earth is 67%; about 50% over land and 75% over oceans.

I claim that the above conspicuous properties of clouds are the missing part of the puzzle. I can very confidently assert, there is no climate emergency.”

See slides from his talk on the thread below: