I always look forward to hearing what Daniel Estulin has to say. He is a 24-year veteran of Russian military counterintelligence and he is a Doctor of Conceptual Intelligence, trained to “create models that define the future of humanity…at least one or two generations in advance…”

He joins Daniel Brigman on the Power Hour podcast and he explains that, like most of the world, the United States is controlled by the Liberal banking financiers, which is the domain of Wall Street and the City of London, the DC bureaucracy, the British and US intelligence agencies, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the Rockefeller crowd, the Soroses, the Mainstream Media, the London School of Economics, the Wharton School of Business, the big Think Tanks, the big foundations, the credit rating agencies; in short, the people who’ve controlled the world for the past three generations, ever since 1944.

This are the Liberal banking order – not just in the US but globally.

He explains that Russia is in a similar position; it is controlled by the same Liberal banking establishment (aka the Globalists). “Russia’s economic financial policy is written in the offices of International Monetary Fund…You are not allowed to make investments in rubles in Russia. You can only do it in dollars, just to give you an idea who controls Russia’s economy!”

Similarly, China’s second-in-command, Premier Li Keqiang is a Davos darling and an agent of the Globalists. He is currently in charge of prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Trump represents an alternative, isolationist, industrial group seeking to dismantle this Globalist power structure, which if successful, will also liberate Russia, China, India and the rest of the world from this parasitical bankster class.

What’s happening is not a battle between Conservatives vs. Liberals or between Capitalism vs. Socialism, it’s a movement against the current global financial model.

Estulin believes that the Wuhan Covid-19 outbreak might be an operation of the British intelligence services (Globalists), seeking to destabilize and ultimately to get rid of Xi Jinping. He doesn’t believe the coronavirus, itself as a serious disease, he believes that this is a hybrid warfare campaign primarily being waged in the media.

“Now, Putin in Russia was able to eliminate the Liberal financier government when he fired the entire government. Xi Jinping in China…he wanted to do the same thing after celebrating the Chinese New Year. The government of Li Keqiang, the current premier, who is a Liberal financier, just like the government that Putin eliminated in Russia, OK?

“These are the people at Xi Jinping is fighting against. The government of Li Keqiang, the Premier is a Liberal financier, financed and sponsored by the West, just like the Clintonoid Wall Street financial backers in America – the same people Trump is fighting against…it’s the same operation, globally.

“Xi Jinping, Trump and Putin are on the same team….There is no war between the United States and China. They’re on the same team…

“So, what we see in Coronavirus, when we’re seeing Xi Jinping, Putin and Trump fighting the same elements, whether it’s the Liberal financiers and the Clintonoids in the United States, whether we’re talking about Biden or anybody else in America, whether they’re talking about the Li Keqiang government in China, we’re talking with the Liberal banking financier government in Russia, these are the same enemies of humanity and the war is for survival, because again, the Liberal banking financier model is on its deathbed…

“There’s gonna come a period over the next couple of years, where the leaders of the great nations and powers are going to sit down and work out a Yalta II Agreement.

“A couple of weeks ago, Putin used that same phrase. And what’s going to happen is, at the end of the first year of Trump’s second term, the great powers, China, Russia, the United States and India, they’re gonna sit down and they’re going to w