Every day brings a deeper appreciation of why this period is being called the Great Awakening. The Trump coup d’état is providing unexpected perspectives on significant events of the past three decades. From 9/11 to the 2016 failed coup in Turkey, many of the players are the same and we understand their motives better.

That’s part of why this 9/11 video is the best one I’ve seen in years. It was posted by a skyscraper engineer from New York City, who points out many details I’d never noticed. For example, the Israeli art students who occupied the floors of the North Tower were camped-out for weeks on the exact floors “penetrated” by the first plane.

The many clues they left behind make it plausible that these kids were strategically wiring explosives and cutting steel on those floors to create the special effect that some call the “Wile E. Coyote” silhouette from Flight AA11 entering the building.

No amount of gaslighting will convince this seasoned professional that it was in any way physically possible for the flimsy airframe of a 767 to have sliced the building’s outer steel like butter. He says it would have taken an aircraft carrier slamming into the side of Tower 2 to create that hole. Moreover he says, “The only thing on Earth that can make a building free-fall perfectly into its own footprint is a controlled demolition. Period. It’s not even up for debate…

“So, quick recap: Joe Biden is the one who drafted the Patriot Act [in 1995], John Brennan is the one who approved the visas for the supposed hijackers and Robert Mueller is the FBI Director who conducted an investigation into 9/11 that led nowhere. It’s funny ’cause all I ever hear about is the Bush connections. It’s almost as if they’re controlled by the same people.”

Don’t miss this short video, with the fresh eyes and ears you now have to see and hear like you’ve never done before…