Late last week, the Trump Administration banned air travel between the US and Europe. Over the weekend, the UK and Ireland were added to this list. Public sports events have been cancelled and businesses have been asked to make their employees work from home, when possible.

Several states (all notably battleground states for the Trump campaign) announced they are closing their public schools.

California has ordered all people over the age of 65 to shelter in place. Restaurants and bars in Los Angeles and New York City have been ordered closed, allowing only take-out and delivery service.

On Sunday, Federal Reserve Bank Chairman, Jerome Powell slashed interest rates to near zero.

The scale of this global shutdown is unprecedented in my lifetime. Am I dumb or does this response to a virus, that has killed 69 people seem a bit overblown? During the same period, tens of thousands have died of the flu with nary a peep. Does any of this jibe?

It would seem that this coronavirus pandemic is the latest attack by the Globalists on national sovereignty and individual freedom. Yet Trump appears to be all-in.

This video is Amazing Polly’s latest, where she covers the Event201 global pandemic exercise held last October in New York City, sponsored by Michael Bloomberg’s Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was videotaped, so we get to see 15 globalist control freak minions fantasize about manipulative methods for achieving Full Spectrum Dominance. It is really gross.

On the Event201 website, they’re gloating that, “Most airlines in the world will be bankrupt by end of May” and that “Many airlines have probably already been driven into technical bankruptcy.”

One is reminded of the UN’s Green New Deal, which aims to phase out air travel. At this rate, they may succeed.