Time To Make Your Riches! – Mary Poppins Returns Detailed Analysis.

Published on 14 Jan 2019


[“NEW 8 Week Webinar Series – Starting: February 3rd 2019.”] [“Please note: There is no Training course like this on the Planet, as a result please treat it as such. Once you have gone through this program you will know more than the top 3% of society. Everything I teach is first hand knowledge with supporting Documents and evidence. Once you get it, it is yours forever, no matter who does this that or the other. I look forward to hearing from you…”] [“I can only host 150 students per week the rest will have to opt for the recordings. All those people who have made their upfront 250GBP educational-claim-fee for the entire 8 week course have secured their spot. First come first serve.”]
1. [“Every Sunday at 6pm – 8:20pm U.K time including Q&A, The 8 week course is curriculum based. Each week will be a self contained subject.”]
2. [“Each 8 week course is more progressive than the previous ones, because I keep getting better and better at the things that I do and teach.”] 2a. [“Season 7 starts Sunday 3rd February 2019 – 6pm – 8:20pm U.K time.”]
3. [“If you would like to attend the 8 Week webinar series your educational claim fee is 250GBP via PayPal for the entire 8 week course.
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3a. [“https://www.paypal.me/MKishonChristop….”] 4. [“If you want to make your education-claim-fee week by week then it is 35GBP per week via PayPal. Click the link below to make your upfront educational-claim-fee now via PayPal.”]
5. [“Each week is recorded so if you cant attend live you get the whole recorded webinar – this is a poplar option.”]
5a. If you have missed any of the previous webinars it is highly recommended that you get the previous webinar recordings because of the length and breath and explanatory reach that I offer.”]
6. [“IMPORTANT MUST READ! – Once your educational-claim-fee has been made, send me an email: (markkishonchristopher@gmail.com) specifying which week it is for. And if you use a different email address via PayPal you MUST make that clear to me so there is no confusion.”]
6a. [“On Sundays 4pm to 5:30pm U.K time a private link to access the webinar will be sent out.”]
7. [“If you folks want to get together and join the webinars as a group or family, I’m happy for you to do that within the same household /I.P Address only.”]
[“Thank you.”]
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