Palantir CEO, Peter Thiel recently raised a red flag about the very real possibility that Google may be committing treason against the US on behalf of China, specifically in regards to former CEO Eric Schmidt’s sharing of their cutting-edge DeepMind Artificial Intelligence technology, a charge denied by the latter.

It turns out that is the least of it. What’s actually been going on is mind-boggling and yet so obvious, as Douglas Gabriel explains regarding the multiple behind-the-scenes wars going on right now, in this redacted transcript of this video that I made below.


When you say Hillary Clinton, you say Walmart, you say Sam Walton, you say Arkansas. You say, “Chinese investment in Hillary Clinton’s Arkansas and Walmart, the largest company in the world.”

What did they get? More than 51% of the household manufacturing needs in America. This was the plan. She is a Communist. She works directly for Xi Jinping and the reason this is true is because no one in China gets to open a company unless the totalitarian, Communist Central Committee, run by President Xi has their say. They always have final say and they always have a bigger cut than anybody.

This is the most ridiculous attempt at an overt Communist Chinese takeover of the world that we’ve ever seen in history and it was almost completed.

For instance, Broadcom almost merged with Qualcomm and got the 5G contract. They were one inch from it, until Trump listened to some little birdie speaking in his ear and stopped the Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) in the United States from allowing this.

Trump has since written executive orders and put sanctions on anyone who has anything to do with Huawei, the Chinese company that provides 5G for Britain and was getting ready to do it for all of the European Union and was almost up for contract here, in America, underneath the guise of it being an ‘American company’.

It is not an American company! The social credit system, aka Dragonfly is already being placed in America and Peter Thiel is making sure that Trump understands that this is an attack.

Now, let’s go back to Communism. We think we can’t be Communist in this country, that I’m crazy to call Hillary Clinton a Communist. No. I’m 100% accurate. Listen, Walmart is a company that has its principle work from out of China and the Clintons are a paid members of the board.

So, what I’m telling you is, if Hillary would have been elected, Cyber-Communism would have come to this country, China would have gotten the 5G contract and they would have sterilized everyone in America. The 5G network is necessary to bring in the Boston Dynamics Atlas robot warriors. You have to have what’s called a full-spectrum battlefield and Spectrum Superiority.

Obama, through the National Defense Authorization Act made all of us terrorists. We’re all terrorists until proven otherwise and that’s what we’ve seen with Trump: he’s guilty till proven otherwise. That’s what we’re in right now, when you’re working with the cyber warlords.

And what did Trump do? He said, “Sorry, Huawei, we’re actually gonna go after top people in your company and we’re gonna kick you out of this country. We’re gonna kick IBM laptops out of this country, we’re gonna kick IBM and anything to do with any microchip that comes from China out, we’re gonna kick all semiconductors out and we’re going to stop the OpenPOWER Foundation and all association with anyone with Huawei.”

Most of Britain now has 5G in the cities and parts of Europe were having it installed until Trump said, “Complete sanctions on anyone who has anything to do with Huawei!”

Out of the blue, he issued an Executive Order through sanctions, that if you’re using Huawei, then you get no US contracts. That hasn’t fully been implemented but that basically means QQ, WeChat, Baidu, Tencent and everything Jack Ma does will all be sanctioned. Anyone having anything to do with anything but American 5G will be sanctioned.

This is a war. It almost happened – that Broadcom took over America – and Broadcom is Chinese. The Chinese said they would take over America without a shot. These are the people who say you can have one child but if you have the second child, you have to murder them.

The Chinese Communist Party is not based upon human consciousness. They are based upon group-soul consciousness, animal consciousness. When you fall back to the least common denominator and then control everyone else through totalitarianism, then you have Communism – and that’s what’s going on here in America through Richard C. Walker’s Internet of Things.

Understand that we are not losing. What Trump is doing, especially with his new Executive Orders in relationship to social media – hang on, folks!

This is a war. It was built up over 100 years, through Cecil Rhodes’ plan and the takeover of all communications in the world. It’s gonna take a moment to win this battle but China, we know your game and you’re not taking over America.