The European Union has concocted its own way to spy on citizens

Censorship is now normalized in the West. The European Union has concocted its own way to spy on citizens under the pretense of protecting children from predators. The “chat control” law, if passed, would permit the EU to access private, chats, emails, text messages, and calls. The program will even allow the government to view messages sent on gaming systems such as X-Box. We have reached dystopian levels of mass surveillance.

The legislation would allow the government to view communications in real-time. The European Parliament passed a similar law in July 2021 on a smaller scale. This new adoption would no longer be voluntary and will involve the entire population. There were opposing members when the initial measure passed in July, and 72% of EU citizens said they opposed mass surveillance.

German Pirate Party Member of the European Parliament Patrick Breyer called it “totalitarian logic” and warned that “our post, our smartphones or our bedrooms could also be generally monitored. Unleashing such denunciation machines on us is ineffective, illegal and irresponsible.” That day has now come as the union is requesting unlimited access to our private lives.

Edward Snowden warned that this breach of privacy would span across the globe. The government no longer needs warrants or probable cause. If you ever feel alone, remember that the government is always there with you.