The COVID-19 Cover Up – Solutions For Those Ready To Awaken

2:19 – The global awakening is happening now!
4:52 – Speaking to the agenda that we are the servants to
9:00 – Step 1 – Take an inventory of your own enslavement
11:00 – Fluoride, GMO’s, pesticides – how are they impacting you?
12:15 – Does social media control you? How to break these patterns
15:22 – Lightworker’s are getting lost in this information, how to find the balance?
16:12 – Parallel Timelines – how to follow a timeline where the dark agenda is overruled!
19:14 – Will their dark agenda (vaccines, AI, FIVE-G, enslavement etc) work? 1
9:50 – ET beings who invade planetary systems to enslave the species and harvest Life Force
20:20 – Child sacrifice, child trafficking and energy harvesting
23:52 – Sharing my vision for The New Earth
27:23 – Bill Gates hidden agenda and his tarnished reputation
29:06 – Renewable energy
31:13 – Hollywood revealing the Illumin@ti… celebrities are trying to awaken u
s 34:42 – Banking systems are designed to keep us in debt
36:15 – Big Pharma’s money making scheme & our low quality agriculture
39:22 – Governments… where we see a lot of power, we see corruption
40:29 – IT’S TIME TO STEP INTO YOUR POWER, God Is Not Outside Of YOU
42:04 – Start congregating with your soul tribe, find people who share your vision
43:30 – What role do YOU play in the Global Awakening?
RESOURCES: COVID-19 Deception:
Out Of The Shadows Documentary –
Thrive Movement Documentary –
(trigger warning) The FB Community Support Group –…
Keep shining your light and remember you are FAR more powerful than the dark forces at play.