Storm Dispatch – 2021 01 14

Scott Kesterson from Bards of War notes several instances of disconnect between what we’re being told officially by the Establishment propaganda media versus what can be seen, if we actually look.

“A lot of the things that we’re witnessing aren’t lining up with the threats and the assumed power that they have. One of the most notable is, ‘Why is Kamala Harris still listed as a senator?’ At least, that’s all we found so far. If somebody can contradict that one, I’d like to see it.

“One of the other big anomalies that sits out there is a simple question that everybody should be asking, which is, ‘Where is Hollywood? Where are the voices that were so hateful and spewing so much anger and hate? Even a year ago, Madonna, Cher, Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro. I mean seriously, this is just nuts.

“And so there’s a lot of these anomalies that we need to pay attention to, because it’s in the anomalies, that if they can’t line up with the perception of reality that they’re feeding us, that in between somewhere in there is truth.


“So here’s an example: ‘President Trump strengthens the ban on US investments in Chinese military companies.’ Remember, this is …based on an EO 13959, that was signed in November and that restricted US investors from buying securities of companies designated by the Pentagon as owned or controlled by the Chinese military, by November 11th.

“So, this actually went into effect. It’s end time was January 11th and now we’re at that final moment, where those that have those securities and haven’t released them, that are investing in companies, the Pentagon has as designated – they face penalties. The equal significance of this is the fact that the Pentagon is actually having power to influence what people invest in, in a quote ‘free’ marketplace such as Wall Street, which we know, it’s not free.

“But this is actually a very significant EO and a very significant development, since it’s it could easily be flipped by someone like China Joe with one stroke of a pen – and yet, it’s being reinforced as an EO. Odd. Doesn’t make sense within what we’re being told. But we keep pressing on.


“We’re watching, we really are watching quite an illusion. Twitter, Facebook – $51 billion in combined market value was erased since president Trump was banned from their sites and we’ve looked at those stock trends and it’s quite interesting. Twitter is now just kind of sitting and percolating at a lower level. It’s not going up or down. Facebook had a little bit increase in buys yesterday. Apple and Google all got hits related to…this First Amendment suppression.

“It appears that investors are beginning to be very cautious about dealing with – increasingly cautious – let’s put it that way, in dealing with these companies for fear of lawsuits. This is part of this fight that is very difficult for any of us to enjoy or sometimes even keep track of and it’s the litigation piece of this, of this fight that is putting pressure on open market mechanisms to make a decision on either to stay with those companies that want to impose a technocracy and tyranny or to find another way out.

“And so, the legal aspect of this, from a point of view from patriots is actually is very positive, even though the motivation may be money or preservation of wealth and that’s why people are suing or people are removing money from from a holding in a company but the end result is still the same. It becomes a preservation of First Amendment rights in this case.


“The pinprick version of Operation Warp Speed in China has made is increasingly showing that it has more and more health problems. Of course, we’re all shocked about that. Injecting MRNA in your body is always a good idea if you want to become a transhuman, which I don’t, at all.

“We continue to see the acceleration of trying to formalize Cabinet and positions and power in DC, at an unprecedented rate, almost a frenzy. And this is something, again to pay attention to…It’s a strange thing to witness how quickly they’re trying to consolidate power and yet, how quiet our governors are, how quiet their echo chambers are, how it’s very limited. So, again, pay attention to this, not from a point of view of concern or fear as much as what is actually going on. These are very important times to get past the illusion that they want to feed us.

“83 global brands have now been tied to forced labor in China. 83. And many of those are major US companies. These are companies that are involved in supporting things in China, such as forced television confessions, mass-surveillance, the killing of Falun Gong practitioners for their organs, which translates to forced organ harvesting and even the entire genocide of the Uyghur people. So, that’s the core of what China really is. And we have now 83 global brands, many of which are US brands tied to that reality. Wonderful.

“We need to get back to buying local. We need to be reducing our consumption on the corporate model piece and we need to get back to more simple living, in my opinion. Buying American and buying local is a really good idea, wherever you can find it and you can.


“Here’s an interesting one – and it’s it again, it’s an anomaly within the environment of what we currently face: There is a new crackdown on shell companies to combat corruption and with this, it has now become literally so simple to identify the influencers within the back ends of these shell companies, they can literally do it now with this revision with a click of a button.

“It used to take years and years of research but now the new legislation that was quietly passed by Congress last month, after a decade-long fight is the most sweeping banking reform of its kind since the passage of the Patriot Act in the aftermath of September 9/11. For the first time, shell companies will be required to provide the names of their owners or face stiff penalties and jail sentences.

“The information will be stored in a confidential database (that’s a joke), accessible to federal law enforcement (that’s not so encouraging) and shared with banks, were often unwitting accomplices to the intentional international corruption. All things in in in perspective it is an interesting law, it has enormous amount of powers to undo what we are currently facing and what got us here. However, like all things, we have to keep a very strong vigilance in making sure that we don’t get sucked in to more abuse of power for the benefit of their tyranny. All things that are good can be turned to bad. It’s just something to keep our eye on.


“So, there’s a number of power outages that are noted. Most notable area is Washington State. The other areas around there of second-tier on that are Oregon, Idaho and Montana for power outages, yet there’s no storms. So, I don’t know what that’s about and it’s in particularly strange because if you know these states up here, Oregon is like Hydroelectric Central. A lot of great energy coming out of there. Typically, we don’t have power problems…

“Washington has had over a hundred thousand outages. That’s a strange event. Oregon has had 50- to 100,000 outages, as has Idaho and Montana, so I don’t know what that is about but we’ll continue to keep our eyes on that. But no storms or no weather issues present. Curious.


“Now, kind of the last perspective for the day to think about: We are all looking towards a very rapid change in events. We’re hoping for it and it may happen, so I’m going to be clear. None of this is saying will or won’t but there’s an emerging reality that we’re looking at, especially when we look at China and we look at the European Union, that there is a much different effect happening right there.

“The European Union, right now is going through a very slow and gradual death, would be the easiest way to say it. That, rather than countries just Brexiting and trying to break away from the EU, there is a slow decline in productivity, a slow decline in economic prosperity and in doing so, there’s a decreasing willingness to participate in the EU model.

“What that’s pointing to is, rather than having an abrupt separation and breaking up into the tribes of Europe, rather, it will just be a slow disregard for the rules and over the course of time, the EU will eventually just kind of fall apart.

“That same effect is starting to appear in China. Even though China has an enormous amount of wealth that they’ve accumulated at the benefit of everybody else’s cost, China’s in a very critical issue right now, that even came out in a recent speech by President Xi to the Politburo, basically encouraging them to start moving china back to a self-sufficiency model. That’s very important, because that pushes us back to the China of 1950s.

“So, this is an important point to watch and to pay attention to, even in our own country. This fight that we’re doing to pull back from this Cabal: This Cabal isn’t simply going to go away and and while there may be some very dramatic moments and events, there can also be parallel to that or even, more superior in strategy to that, a long game on this, where there are a steady flow of arrests, a steady flow away from certain capital markets, a steady flow of people reclaiming their their freedom and in so doing, shifting an economy, shifting a governance over time.

“So, it’s just the time issue; it’s something that we all need to pay attention to. It’s what I focus this first show on, this morning, which is expectations. Continue to keep your eyes up, head up and eyes forward, always but don’t have anxiety over the expectations of big booming events. They may happen – and they will happen, for that matter, from time to time – but the long game on this is us.

“We’re making the choices, we’re directing and steering where things are going, we have the power. Don’t forget that. Remember that we are the economic engine that drives this. As long as we play the game with them, they control us. As long as we play the game that we want, which is based on liberty, freedom, the constitution the Republic and God, we direct it and it just is as as fast and as more as focused as we are is how quickly that trajectory will manifest…

“Let’s close out with a prayer.

“Heavenly Father, in this time of chaos and swirling news of events, where we are having a challenging time just to discern what truth actually is, help us stay within that line that you provide for us; that line of truth and faith that allows us the comfort and the solace to know that time is yours the and execution of your plan is on your schedule not on ours.

“Give us patience, Lord, temperance and grace as we face this day, as we face the many, many around us that are still asleep. Give us the tools to awaken them or at least the crumbs to guide them, so that they can make the choice to join you and then embrace this amazing time in which we live.

“And we say these things in Christ’s Holy Name. Amen.

“Patriots, hope you have a blessed day. Head up, eyes forward. Never bow to Evil, never relent and fight, fight, fight…The future that we have right now is the future that we are shaping and it’s the future that we will decide as one unified group of amazing patriots. So, I’ll see you a bit later. Until then, out for now.”

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