Sinn Fein’s Social Media Is Run By Foreign Entities

Mary Lou McDonald’s Globalist Sinn Fein party’s credibility with the Irish working classes has taken another major body-blow in the last 24 hours.

The Irish Examiner and Irish Independent (two Irish mainstream media rags now funded by Covid-ad money) have reported that one of Ireland’s main political parties Sinn Fein currently has their social media pages managed from locations in Germany & Serbia. You can read their story here (that link goes to an archive page – the examiner gets no ad revenue if you visit it).

At time of writing, Sinn Fein’s main Facebook page has 226727 likes – quite the political audience by any measure. The party had their strongest ever showing in a national election in March 2020, returning 37 seated members of the Irish Parliament.

This story was brought to light on the 29th March 2021 by a serving Irish Senator John Cummins. He is part of the Fine Gael party – a party guilty of crimes against humanity in the past year for locking down and destroying our God-given constitutional rights; depriving our citizens of health care for over a year; pretending there was a pandemic and thus causing mass suicides and all manner of domestic abuse; and murdering hundreds of elderly people in nursing homes on the false pretence that hospitals were under strain. But we won’t hold that against him for now. They can’t all be bad… can they?

Besides Sinn Fein’s main Facebook page, it transpires that 26 of their 37 serving members of parliament also have their Facebook pages managed by foreign entities in Germany & Serbia.

You can see for yourself when you search the publicly available ad library on Facebook here. Look to the top right, and you’ll see Germany & Serbia listed. As per the Examiner story, there will be a parliamentary enquiry in the coming week in Ireland because this is evidence of foreign meddling in Irish elections.

Hmm…Germany & Serbia…Germany & Serbia…where have we heard those two countries used in combination in the past six months? More on that below.

Is Sinn Fein’s Foreign Social Media Orchestration Part of their 2019 Deal With The Devil?

On the 22nd of October we wrote an extensively shared article that detailed Sinn Fein’s strange series of meetings just before the 2020 Irish election, on their annual American fundraiser trip. They met with a Council on Foreign Relations globalist named Richard Haass – an international war-hawk who had been passed over by the Trump administration for a senior post. You may recall that the CFR is at the centre of the Biden Billion Dollar Burisma bribery scandal.

Sinn Fein also had an unusually extensive set of meetings with a notoriously corrupt labour union. Those meetings were fully documented on official US Government Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) submissions by Sinn Fein themselves, which we link in that article for your convenience.

Their meetings were unusual because they normally meet LiUNA just once every trip, in all preceding years (there’s official state records online for all of their meetings). This time they met them many times, and everyone in their travelling war cabinet were involved in long meetings on multiple evenings.

We asked why they were meeting these people so much in such an important pre-election trip. Why were they not spending their valuable time out fundraising for the upcoming election? Read that article for more background on that puzzle.

In that article, we also surmised that Sinn Fein were planning how to cover their backstory on the 4.6 million they would soon ‘find’ in a caravan in England less than two weeks after the trip to Washington ended. That war chest undoubtedly funded their election bid in the following months, and plenty more besides.

We also asked a specific question at the very start, before getting down into the dirty detail. We asked:

“Why are Sinn Fein wilfully allowing working class society to disintegrate with job losses and suicides, for a virus that has a 99.7% recovery rate and an average age of death that is over the Irish life expectancy? Why did they help drive the Covid-hysteria from the start in Ireland (instead of advising the Irish people on the available scientific data), through their many Facebook pages with millions of cumulative followers.”

‘Sinn Fein’s Deal with the Devil’, 22 October 2020

We also pointed out that:

 “suicides are flying daily, all disease screenings are massively down, and Sinn Fein can end this Government tomorrow with one Facebook post showing how lockdowns don’t work (backed by the W.H.O.); the PCR tests are a falsehood (per the manufacturers and now the W.H.O.); how we don’t need vaccines (Pe2r the Governments’ own recovery & death numbers) and how masks are ineffective against viral spread (per the CDC).” But they stay silent.”

‘Sinn Fein’s Deal with the Devil’, 22 October 2020

Sinn Fein could have brought down the Irish Government and entered power with a few simple Facebook posts outlining the truth of what the WHO and research science already had to say on the disastrous consequences of lockdowns. Why did they stay silent?

Sinn Fein’s Facebook pages were absolutely key in driving the Irish lockdown programs that have destroyed our society, lead to tens of thousands of missed illness diagnoses, and hundreds of thousands of lost working-class jobs that may never come back. They drove the hysteria from the start on social media, demanding extreme lockdowns, infecting a nation with fear for their lives, particularly the working classes who looked to the troll Mary Lou McDonald for guidance after her recent election success. Anyone who used Facebook throughout 2020 has seen these types of posts. They were incessant. And it now turns out that many of them were being written by people in Germany & Serbia. Sinn Fein deliberately allowed them to manipulate the mindset of the nation. They gave these people the keys to a large chunk of our nation’s collective psyche.

Many of these posts were being written by foreign agents, using their many (many) Facebook pages to push the pandemic fear-narrative that had no basis in science or reality. They run other pages too, most notably the ‘Call for a Revolution In Ireland’ page. They used them all to drive fear and hysteria. There was and is no pandemic by any measure: Sinn Fein and indeed ALL Irish politicians know this.

Mary Lou McDonald even pretended to have Covid in April of 2020, just like many high-profile pharma operatives in Ireland – people like Claire Byrne of RTE, who hammed it up in her Garden shed. Mary Lou McDonald is a disgusting treasonous liar who, through her stewardship of Sinn Fein, played a key part in destroying our economy – causing thousands of non-Covid related deaths, and the debt enslavement of future generations of Irish children.

There’s Something Much Bigger Going On Here

We outlined Mary Lou MccDonald’s extensive family ties to the Covid vaccine scam in this article which has been read globally and has over 30,000 reads, and rising daily. We show her family links to Vaccitech and Astrazeneca, which has been linked to thousands of vaccine deaths in recent months and has heavy Irish links (Ireland is the Global Pharma hub now since Trump went after the industry in the ongoing Opioid crisis lawsuits). We speculate towards the end of that article that Mary Lou McDonald is the ultimate British plant into Irish politics. What else does she do but help erode our national sovereignty by her various actions?

Now that we know for certain that there was no pandemic, and more and more people realise that the vaccine is an unnecessary response to a virus with an official 99.98% recovery rate, it’s time to start looking at the big picture on who was the ‘most essential‘ worker in driving the scamdemic narrative in Ireland.

Of course, treasonous Fine Gael and Fianna Fail insiders were key, as were national propaganda media in the likes of RTE and the Irish Times. But all roads lead to Sinn Fein when it comes to their total abdication of their responsibility to act like real political opposition and ask questions of the double-faced Fianna Fail/Fine Gael junta.

Instead of challenging the government, Sinn Fein poured fuel on the bonfire that blackmailed and bribed operatives like Simon Harris, Michael Martin, and Stephen Donnelly had lit under the nation. They actively defended the Pharma-owned monsters at NPHET at every turn, and they played cynical vaccine theatre with Fine Gael when handed their lines. They exacerbated everything about the Covid response by driving their public constituencies into a rabid fever of fear and political finger-pointing.

Mary Lou MacDonald and the wider Sinn Fein leadership are not Republicans or Irish patriots. They are organised criminals who have an express goal to help create economic devastation in Ireland by using the Covid scam (in conjunction with outside foreign actors running a wider scam) to create a permanently disgruntled societal underclass (the working classes) from which to draw political strength. They see it as the only way to break the stranglehold that the corrupt bribed and blackmailed Fianna Fail and Fine Gael political parties have had on this country for generations. And in the case of many of them (Like Mary Lou McDonald and her boy David Cullinane) they have direct financial incentives and family ties to the scam.

Sinn Fein advocate mass immigration into Ireland because they plan to pit migrant communities against the native working classes forever. They are not alone in this goal – much of the Irish communist left-wing establishment has the same goal. They do it because the people who own them (controlling from shared services centres in Germany & Serbia) direct them to support the destruction of Western Nations.

How else can anyone explain the constant anti-Irish rhetoric that spills from the mouths of Sinn Fein? They are anti-Irish, anti-family, pro the undemocratic EU, pro rapist (George Floyd) and pro blue hair.

Some of Sinn Fein’s stupider operatives actually believe this will all ultimately bring about a communist utopia. Because they’re brainwashed and don’t understand the damage communism has caused in the past. But most of them (Like Mary Lou McDonald) are well wide to the bigger technocratic scam and are doing it for the money and to enter their families into the global elite.

Germany & Serbia Pop Up Again

We can’t see exact locations from the currently available Facebook data, but imagine if those Sinn Fein Facebook pages were being run from the same cities as the Dominion and Scytl servers were in Germany & Serbia?  Or the same IP addresses?

There is no doubt that there was orchestrated election fraud run by many capable people in the US presidential election. Belgrade & Frankfurt were key locations in that election fraud, which involved Dominon servers.  For more on that watch Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof.

Covid was absolutely essential to facilitate the stealing of that election because it allowed key local administrations (Like Georgia, Michigan, and Michigan) to change their election laws to allow the mass absentee ballot fraud to take place. Those are the states where those middle-of-the-night boosts put Chairman Biden over the line.

The law changes that allowed the absentee ballot scam to take place were illegally enacted by State Governors and Attorney’s general, who violated State constitutions that explicitly outline how only state senators can make such legal changes. This will all come out into the mainstream eventually, and the story has a long way to run.

CFR war-hawks like Richard Haass (Mary’s friend mentioned above) were very unhappy with the Trump’s lack of bloodletting in the middle east. The Washington military industrial complex hated Trump for his reluctance to go to war. Many readers will know that he was also shutting down human trafficking and drug trafficking and exposing the murky underworld of Washington and Global politics from day one.

Ireland was a key EU nation in pushing the Global Covid lie as it moved from Wuhan, to Lombardy (what a load of horseshit that was, it’s amazing people still believe this thing ACTUALLY jumped from Wuhan China to Lombardy in Italy!), and then on to the rest of Europe and the US. Sinn Fein could bring down the Irish Government with the nursing home murders scandal if they wanted to. Instead they help cover it up because they were an integral part of the wider lie and pact with elements of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael – they continue to say nothing about it!

Ireland was also one of just seven locations globally that sent sick mortally ill people into Nursing homes that were empty of staff. The other locations were Canada, New York, Michigan, California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania., All Democrat-run states who definitely needed those deaths to justify their draconian lockdowns and the new absentee voter laws they introduced. That’s a pretty rotten bunch for Ireland to be lumped in with, and Federal investigations have already been started into those decisions by Democrat Governors.

Without Sinn Fein, the Global hysteria essential to facilitate US election fraud might have been missing a key element in the Covid-hysteria’s journey from Wuhan to the USA – the Irish jigsaw piece to re-enforce the lie.

They’re all the same folks. Irish politics is a big pantomime club. There is no right and left. There is only right and wrong.

We’ll try get that city data for the exact locations where Sinn Fein’s pages were being managed from.

Of course it won’t be proof of anything…but it will be another massive co-incidence for the Sinn Fein traitor-files. Sinn Fein are not the answer for the Irish working classes or Ireland’s future.

Like Fianna Fail and Fianna Gael, Sinn Fein and their multiple satellite parties are morally and spiritually corrupt. Their sloppiness in this matter will hopefully lead international investigators to the roots of the world-wide Covid Hoax and pharma scam that has killed so many (from everything other than Covid), and the stolen US presidential election of 2020.