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⁣1) All elected presidents globally deployed 5G and 5G is high
frequency microwave which is military weapon directed against the people
from satellites and cell phone towers … 5G microwave behind the flue
like symptoms , cough, difficulty to breath ,pulpitation in heart and
low immunity …etc !

2) All elected presidents globally rolled out the called vaccines death bioweapons injections…
We are in war and people globally are the enemy !!
Satanic freemasons of CROWN CORPORATION in UK infiltrated every
government globally to participate in the “depopulation agenda” with
wars, with 5G roll out,with forced death bioweapons injections , with
attacking the people with directed energy …

Trump like every other elected politicians just puppets to the British
Crown Corporation , all those politicians committed treason against the
people, their loyality to the British Crown Corporation ..

All politicians in any government globally are serving the satanic freemasonic heads for CROWN CORPORATION in UK !
This is the medical study that shows the connection between 5G and corona virus !!!

Please read the study !!….mc/articles/PMC85805