Rupert Sheldrake – The Science of Delusion

Along with Graham Hancock’s, TED also removed the recent talk by author and bio-chemist Rupert Sheldrake.

In the bold debate about the nature of human consciousness, Rupert Sheldrake stands out for questioning the standing dogmas of modern science and for bringing us his fascinating theory of Morphic Resonance regarding the collective memory and the habits of nature.

In the following TED presentation, he discusses 10 scientific dogmas that should be questioned to support our evolution. After TED published this, they then reviewed it and moved to hide it.

Do you find Sheldrake’s TED presentation to be of value, or should it’s visibility be limited so that the public isn’t subjected to ideas that some people feel should not be heard?


The continuing story of the censorship of these two presentations can be followed at Graham Hancock’s Facebook page, here.