Italian prosecutors made an announcement on Friday evening that there is an “80 percent” chance that Professor Joseph Mifsud is no longer alive. Mifsud had been charged by the Agrigento Public Prosecution office with misuse of finances at a university where he was president in the southern Italian city of Agrigento, Sicily.

The Mueller Report refers to Joseph Mifsud as a “Russian spy”, a claim which has long been denied by George Papadapoulos (aka “Papa D”), the young Trump Campaign volunteer who got caught in a perjury trap during the Mueller Investigation, leading to a 2-week sentence in Federal lock-up.

With the announcement of Mifsud’s probable death in the Italian press, Papa D immediately tweeted: “Lil Joey Mifsud is not sleeping with the fishes. More to come.”

Papa D was referring to his “Punching Back” iTunes podcast, in which he describes how he was used to launch the Mueller Investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russians to win the 2016 election. Thanks to AIM4Truth, I was able to embed it as a video on this site.

Papa D says, “Joseph Mifsud is the Maltese professor who Bob Mueller, Jim Comey and other pundits in the Mainstream Media, for the last two years characterized as a ‘Russian Agent’, who was feeding me information about the Russians possessing Hillary Clinton’s emails and attempting to collude with me as an intermediary with the Russian government.

“Now, this lie – this one lie, alone turned this country on its head. We were fed lies about this individual, we were fed lies about what my interactions really were with this person, how I even met him, who his connections were and how he fits into the whole scandal.

“And I’m going to, for the first time ever, explain who this person is, how I met him, how he fits into these various reports and what I expect of his involvement with the Durham probe.

“Let’s look at facts. Joseph Mifsud is not a Russian. Joseph Mifsud is a Maltese national, with extensive ties to Western intelligence apparatuses, including the CIA, the FBI, MI6 and Italian intelligence services.”

Papa D goes on to describe how Mifsud set up a meeting in London between him and a beautiful honeypot who was described to him as “Putin’s niece”, where they were recording him and “basically trying to play” him. Apparently, she was a manager at a wine store in Moscow.

“People forget that it was no mystery that Donald Trump had been openly talking about working with Vladimir Putin at the strategic level to defeat ISIS and to hedge China, from probably the day he announced his candidacy in June or July of 2015.

“So, by the time I joined in March of 2016, he had probably mentioned this openess to work with Russia at least 50 times.

“So, as a foreign policy advisor whose job was to connect the candidates to foreign governments, to write foreign policy speeches for him and to basically meet with foreign governments to better understand where the US relations stood with them, I would have been derelict in my duties, as the FBI likes to say, if I didn’t attempt to coordinate a meeting with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump for a photo op!

“…In March of 2015, we now know that there had already been an attempt to not only set me up with fake information and fake situations but to also set the campaign up with the fake Russia story.

“Considering this entire scenario of Mifsud and ‘Putin’s niece’ was fake and that the company, the London Center for International Law Practice, who introduced me to Mifsud in Rome by an intermediary of the FBI lied about why I was supposed to meet this person again.”

This is an important video document, with important dates and details, created by a central figure caught up in the FBI’s counterintelligence operation “Crossfire Hurricane” to destroy both the candidacy and the presidency of Donald Trump.