PH Digital Soil Tester

Professional 4 in 1 LCD PH Meter  Soil Tester Digital Temperature Sunlight Moisture PH Meter Gauge 

This soil moisture, pH, temperature and light tester offers 4 important measurements: pH Value, Temperature, Moisture, and Environment Sunlight Intensity. The sensitive 200mm probe and light sensor window provides 5 units of accurate & precise measured results, pH, moisture, sunlight, °C & °F (soil & environment).
In addition to the features, it also has an oversized LCD with clear display, backlight and auto power off.
This instrument is a great tool for measuring growing conditions of all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants as well as garden evanescence. A very useful one in lawn care to determine soil conditions in different areas of the farm

1. 4-in-1 Soil Tester for plants and lawns 
2. Measures sunlight (9 levels), soil moisture (5 levels),soil pH (12 levels)and temperature (°C & °F) 
3. 8 inch or 200mm long probe 
4. Auto shut power off 
5. Survey light intensity of current environment 
6. Fast and precise measurements 
7. Backlight feature 
8. Great tool to help fix your lawn when grass does not want to grow in certain areas of your yard 

2. Sunlight (9 levels): LOW-, LOW, LOW+, NOR-, NOR, NOR+, HGH-, HGH, HGH+ 
3. Moisture (5 levels): DRY+, DRY, NOR, WET, WET+ 
4. PH value (12 levels): 3.5 ~ 9.0pH 
5. Temperature: -9~50°C (16~122°F) 
6. Resolution 
7. Temperature: 1°C/1°F 
8. PH: 0.5pH
9. Low battery indicator
10. Power supply: 9V battery (not included)

The use of the specific please sees operation manual 
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