Dr Jane Ruby joins Stew Peters to discuss the findings of a group of doctors in South Korea, who call themselves the Korean Veritas Doctors for COVID-19.

After obtaining vials of partially-used vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, they claim to have observed “moving organisms” via stereomicroscopy at 400X magnification and they warmed the vials to human body temperatures (97ºF–99ºF).

This Korean group reportedly sent the samples to an OBGYN lab that is run by Dr Young Mi Lee, who is said to be coming forward and who will hopefully be on the Stew Peters show soon.


I found someone matching this description and was surprised to find that she’s a Manhattan-based Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine. Is this the same person?

Dr. Ruby says she was just contacted by one of the Korean doctors and she says, “They’re very concerned. They just made these discoveries several days ago. They’re in the process of continuing their analysis with additional vials…

“They saw these forms under the microscope…start to, not only move, Stew but what’s really new about this is that they changed form, according to these doctors.


“And this goes along with what Fauci testifies to the House Energy Committee on December 4th, 2019, when he was expanding on the Executive Order that President Trump had signed in September of 2019. He embellished it by adding, ‘These are going to be mRNA particles. These are going to be self-assembling nanoparticles.’

“And these [Korean] doctors are apparently seeing this very same thing. And it’s interesting, we’ve all wondered why these materials have to be kept on dry ice, there are very strict parameters and now we’ve learned a lot more since then…

“Whatever’s in these vials, that we still need some chemical analysis on, they actually will start to do different things and become different things when they are warmed to 98 or so degrees.”

Dr Ruby shows three images from this group of doctors. The first shows a perfect disk-shaped object that’s reminiscent of those from a Pfizer vial and photographed by South African microscopy expert, Dr Xandré Botha.

They report that, “These disks apparently began to turn and spin – remember, there’s nothing added to it and there’s a cover plate, so they’re not moving it. These things are moving upon warming up to 98 degrees.

“Now, the second picture is particularly frightening, I think. It is a long, stringy wormlike-looking object/organism and they have a red arrow pointing to a section that in the video will show that it moved in a certain way, as soon as it was warmed-up to human temperatures.

“And then, the third picture that they gave me, that I brought here today, you see two sort-of striated organisms in the lower right hand corner. In the upper left hand corner, you see almost another set of what I would call ‘Twin Organisms’.

“According to them, when these were warmed – and this is the whole point – a lot of other people that have looked at this may have had it at room temperature or human temperature for many hours or days, we don’t know.

“We’ve got a real description of methodology, where they, specifically in their methodology, warmed-up the material and then saw the changes. They were not expecting the changes.

“So these twin objects right here all started to move, to attach to each other, they changed their shapes, they moved around. These people are literally blown away.

“They did find significant bacterial growth, Stew and I think I’ve reported before, in some of the Pfizer documents, where they have reported on…general reports on their safety and manufacturing practices; very loose, not according to full FDA regs.

“But they’ve talked about ‘colony-forming units’; that you can have a certain amount of bacteria in these things, as allowed by the FDA – which we know doesn’t exist right now.

“They also said that, in addition to the things that we see in these three photos (the other 4 photos are very similar to this), there are countless unidentified microorganisms. They are going to get to the bottom of this.

“I want you to know that they advised me that they are getting a large number of both Pfizer and Moderna vials that are sealed and that are going to be kept on the dry ice, according to protocol and they’re going to start looking at them and replicating their own work.

“This is where a lot of researchers – some of them have replicated their work, like Dr Botha. I have witnessed her on video – live video, showing me the replication of her steps. A number of other doctors have not done that but these doctors have and their plan is that they say they have made contact with a source, they are going to get, in their words, ‘many more vials’ and their going to focus on Moderna a Pfizer and I think that’s a good idea.

“Because if you notice, just yesterday…the FDA is running interference for Pfizer, by now coming out and saying, ‘Oh! The J&J injections are dangerous for blood clots!’

“Well, I’ve got news for everybody: They’re ALL dangerous and they’re all prone to give you blood clots, brain bleeds and things like that.”

Dr Ruby says she’s not at liberty to discuss the identity of the other doctors involved but she was told that someone was going to come forward to verify this report.

She continues, “We need to know, when they self-assemble, they kind of come alive in the warmth of 98.6ºF, what is their mission? Where are they going? What are they supposed to be doing? And can we turn it off?

“We don’t know. We don’t know. It’s just a cornucopia of mystery. We just keep peeling little pieces of the onion back but we’re going to stay in touch with these South Korean researchers and doctors, we are going to, hopefully going to have contact with Dr Mi Lee, who will hopefully come on the Stew Peters Show and tell us more in detail.

Dr Ruby concludes by saying, “I want to tie this all back to your call to action, attorney Thomas Renz’ call to action, Dr David Martin – we have a lot of tools right now, we have so much that we can do. These people need to be answerable, not just Fauci and Gates. They’re all part of this and the whole criminal conspiracy and racketeering group.

“It’s everybody at the NIH, it’s everybody at the FDA. All of these people that have been on voluntary panels, like Dr Rubin before we find out that it’s safe and effective, all of these people that have made recommendations that have resulted in people getting these bioweapon shots, these poisons – they all need to be held accountable.

“They’re not all under the immunity and if we can show the conspiracy and saturate our attorneys general across the United States, we might have a shot at stopping this whole thing and blowing a hole through the legal immunity that these companies are enjoying right now.”

Stew then refers to documents that, “Serves every member of Congress and they’re all complicit if they’re not speaking out against this, if they’re not stopping it immediately. Your elected representatives are your servants. Put them on notice. Go do it. It takes 10 seconds and it will be effective.”

Actually, this is just as true of anyone, as it is of our representatives: once we become aware of the criminal conspiracy, we become implicated as accessories unless we report it and try to stop it.

Here’s one way you can do this. Copy and paste the links below and put them into an email and send them to your representatives, which you can look up, in the Senate and in Congress.

A Timeline of Selected Federal Funding for SARS Coronavirus

The Criminal Conspiracy of Coronavirus