Hong Kongers have been waving American flags and singing the American national anthem to signify their stand against control from the Communist Mainland. One wonders what the protesters would make of the most visible members of the US’ Democrat Party all but shouting “Down with America!” for the past several months.

Another symbol that they’ve embraced is Pepe the Frog, which the New York Times and the Anti-Defamation League call a “hate symbol” but which in fact emblemizes freedom. The whimsical Pepe meme has been around since 2005 and it came to be associated with Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign. The Hong Kongers’ embrace of Pepe in 2019 has now firmly made it a symbol of freedom and anti-Communism.

Speaking of the Anti-Defamation League, which despite being completely out of touch with online meme culture is somehow a main contractor in YouTube’s Trusted Flagger program and have loaded their hate specs into Google-YouTube’s censorship algorithms. Never forget that according to Dr. John Coleman, the ADL is “a joint FBI-British intelligence operation designed to single out right wing groups and their leaders and put them out of business before they grow too large and too influential.”

It’s very rich to see Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tweeting out their support to the democracy protesters in Hong Kong, when Hillary has been a lifelong agent of the communist-party/” target=”_blank”>Chinese Communist Party while Bernie is more of a Stalinist.