Messenger RNA ‘vaccine’ is actually genetic engineering, that’s what it is . Pfizer testing on humans

Dr Andrew Wakefield simply explains the mRNA (messenger RNA) ‘vaccine’ is not really a vaccine – so what is it?

“DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid are the basis of our genetic structure, if you like in every cell, is turned in codes for protein, and it transfers its information to make the protein through messenger RNA – so messenger RNA (mRNA) is an intermediary between the gene and the product, the protein.”

“It’s the protein that ultimately elicits the immune response, not the RNA. If you want to make a vaccine, it’s protein that you give, whether it’s bacterial or viral protein, whatever it is – it’s the protein to which the human immune system develops the immune response. So by definition a RNA vaccine isn’t a vaccine at all, because it doesn’t elicit an immune response. It, has to be turned into protein, and it’s the protein in turn that creates the immune response.”

“Messenger RNA ‘vaccine’ is actually genetic engineering, that’s what it is – it’s putting genetic material from an RNA virus into your cells, and asking the cellular machinery with the RNA to produce protein from your cells to which you then mount an immune response; what could possibly go wrong?  

You have cells in your own body that are producing protein to which your immune system is going to mount a immune response – That’s called an auto immune disease; so the potential for this to go horribly wrong is enormous. It’s never been used in humans before. It’s never been tested out and yet it’s being rushed to market in these circumstances in the Pfizer vaccine and we are already seeing some major problems occurring. ………..”