Liquid Garlic

This is a solution for a garlic liquid

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This stuff is invaluable in the garden, you won’t regret making it and using it, I promise 😁. Read on and you’ll see why.

You’ll need some empty bottles, 1-2 litre is perfect.

A whole garlic bulb for every litre you’re making, and water.

Break up the garlic bulbs, leave skin on, put the whole lot into a bottle and add 1 litre of water. Allow it to infuse for at least 2 weeks, the longer it’s left the better it is.


Blight prevention:

Before you sow your seed potatoes, empty the contents of a bottle of the liquid garlic, add approx 5 litres of water and put the seed into the mix, let them soak there for 5-10 minutes before sowing.

Slug control:

Sprinkle neat liquid garlic around the plants you want to protect from slugs, depending on how much rainfall there is, repeat every two weeks or until there are no more slugs. If it’s been raining a lot do it weekly.

Plant food:

Use instead of shop-bought plant food, dilute one part of the liquid to ten parts of water, use a watering can if you can and then water your plants with it.

Plant reviver:

For tired and dying plants use neat directly into the soil instead of water.

To keep aphids, carrot fly etc away, use the one part to ten part method but put it into a spray bottle and spray onto foliage.

It also helps to keep cats away.