Keep Bayer’s risky new insecticide out of Ireland

France just took an unprecedented step to protect bees by passing a total ban on bee-killing neonics. But a new harmful insecticide is being shoved into EU states and it could prove just as toxic as neonics.


Developed by Bayer, “flupyradifurone” is a chemical cousin to the neonics linked to the mass die-off of bees in Europe and beyond. And experts say it’s not just bees that are at risk. Research shows that the insecticide could have adverse effects on “the whole suite of life,” according to Lori Ann Burd of the Center for Biological Diversity.


Since Brussels gave the insecticide the green light in 2015, it’s being assessed for approval right here in Ireland. In order to protect our bees from further devastation, we need to make sure Ireland keeps flupyradifurone out.  


Bayer is once again threatening a creature responsible for pollinating a third of all our crops. Which means its bee-harming insecticides really put our entire food system at risk.  


Together, we’ve made massive progress in our fight to protect bees from Bayer and other pesticide producers. From getting Home Depot and Lowe’s to remove neonics from their shelves, to pushing the French government to enact a complete ban on neonics, our people power is coming through.


But Bayer’s latest insecticide could be just as devastating to bee populations as the neonics we’ve rallied against. We won’t let our government authorise another bee-harming pesticide. Let’s make our voices heard once again, before it’s too late.

Tell the Government of Ireland not to authorise Bayer’s bee-harming “flupyradifurone” insecticide.