Iraq War Logs Video Series: Help Spread the Word!

Dear Peter,

Thanksgiving is approaching and we’re hard at work preparing content and events designed to raise awareness of Julian’s case. The “verdict” in Julian’s extradition hearing is less than 6 weeks away, so there’s no time to waste!

Today, we’re focusing on the Iraq War Logs video series, which we have created to help educate people about the importance of Julian’s work and the dangerous nature of the government’s case against him. Can you share these videos to help us get the word out for Julian?

Iraq War Logs

Our Iraq War Logs video series is designed as an educational introduction to the story that is accessible to both “newcomers” and those already familiar with Julian, WikiLeaks, and Chelsea Manning. We’ve chopped the videos up into bite-sized chunks for social media sharing:

Chapter 1: YouTube | Facebook | Twitter

Chapter 2: YouTube | Facebook | Twitter

Chapter 3: YouTube | Facebook | Twitter

Can you do your part by spreading the word? It only takes a few seconds to like and share on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter!

We’ll keep producing videos on other Julian-related topics, including the history of whistleblowers, the Espionage Act, the importance of national security journalism, etc. Stay tuned!

Coming Soon: We Are Millions

On Friday we’ll be sending out an email with more information on O/R Books new release: We Are Millions! It’s a great volume with dozens of contributions from citizens, artists, and stars from around the globe lending their support to Julian’s cause.

Make Your Voice Heard

Assange Defense volunteers have published dozens of letters to the editor so far, and more are in the works. We can help you choose a topic, find an outlet, and get your letter in print! It’s easy! Reply to this email for more information and make your voice heard!

In solidarity,

The Assange Defense Committee


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