Susan Bradford joins John Michael Chambers on the new Making Sense of the Madness YouTube channel to discuss her book, which wins my vote for the best book title, ever, ‘UNMASKED: THE CORONAVIRUS STORY: The Nauseating Truth Behind the Global Quest to Bring the World to Heel, Destroy Nationalism and Undermine the Trump Presidency through Fake Scandals, Simulated Pandemics, Junk Science, Political Puppets, Brazen Extortion, and Rapacious Money Grabs.’

Bradford worked at the Atlantic Council of the UK as a senior research fellow, writing and editing publications on foreign policy, in addition to working as a writer, editor and producer for Fox News and Voice of America.

Susan begins by explaining her view that the British Monarchy has been stealthily working to reclaim the United States as a colony in order to consolidate the world’s wealth and power into their own hands. To that end, they’ve been working through the US government and public-private partnerships to create a New World Order, a dictatorship with themselves at the top.

She says that during the Obama Administration, they they made a strong effort to implement their Globalist agenda, of which Obamacare was a part but this had the effect of bankrupting the healthcare industry. In order to recoup their losses, they were hoping to eliminate some of the older people who would be drawing upon public resources and to generate profits through vaccines and they also wanted to launch their contact tracing technologies that they had developed for war.

She says the coronavirus was manufactured by the Pirbright Institute in the UK, which receives funding from the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation, the European Commission, DARPA and the Wellcome Trust. Both the Pirbright Institute and Wellcome are connected to the Rothschilds and they have a long history of developing medicines and chemicals that have been weaponized against the populace, typically to eradicate them during times of war, so that they could either seize natural resources, land, money, etc.

She says the Pirbright Institute acquired the patent for both the coronavirus and the vaccine back in 2018. She notes that last October, the Event 201 pandemic simulation sponsored by Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and the World Economic Health Forum was held simultaneously with the Military World Games in Wuhan, China, which was sponsored by the International Military Sports Council, which brings together the world’s armed forces and the world’s healthcare providers together, to coordinate their responses to global pandemics and to forge new markets for the pharmaceutical companies.

She says, “Unsurprisingly, the coronavirus was released at the Military World Games and that set off the pandemic around the world.”

George Webb, of course has been asserting the same thing for months and this is what got him de-platformed by YouTube and embroiled in a lawsuit.

Susan Bradford shares many other interesting items from her perspective as a Globalist defector.