It is really rough out there, with the Mainstream Media constantly referring to Creepy Joe as the “President-Elect”.

We are in uncharted seas, in terms of gaslighting. If you watch any amount of Mainstream Media, you will be thoroughly demoralized.

SO, DON’T WATCH IT! It’s the only way to stay sane.

The complete lock that the Globalists have on the media is a wonder to behold.

They are shoving this Biden-Harris narrative down your throat but it has no legal heft, at all.

Having personally looked at everything very closely for days, what I can say is that, unless there is a whole new wrinkle introduced into this mass-treason event that we are witnessing – such as a military coup d’état – and as long as the various entities overseeing the recounts/audits simply follow the law, then Donald Trump will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

All of the patriot federal employees and -intelligence contractors that I follow are very confident that Trump will be sworn-in and that this will be followed by a holocaust of treasonous bureaucrats.

You won’t see an accurate reflection of this in the mainstream media, with the exception of a few curmugeons, like Tucker Carlson and Sky News Australia’s Alan Jones.

The latter is shown here giving the most even-handed report on the state of affairs in US politics that I’ve seen in any Rupert Murdoch-owned news agency since last week’s 180º anti-Trump pivot by Fox News and The New York Post.