Ilien Coin –Update


Ilien Team;


 Date: 29th December 2019;

For Publication;

This notice is issued, to outline the status on Tranche 4 conversion, and  explain and clarify the upcoming bonus distribution structure;



Tranche 4 which was due for lien conversion in December 2019,

The lien conversion  has been slightly delayed;

The reason;   The lien validation team requested that the lien conversion applicant (the lien creditor) contact the lien debtor regarding the sale and contractual conversion of the commercial lien into value; As a result  correspondence was received by the  lien creditor from his lien debtor (an ex ceo of a bank), proposing a lien settlement discussion, and nominating that bank to discuss an offer for same lien settlement on the lien debtors behalf;

At the request of the lien creditor, the ilien team have  delayed the proposed Tranche 4 lien conversion to allow these settlement discussions progress;

The expectation is that the ilien team will be updated on the final outcome in early January 2020 by same lien creditor applicant;

With or without this lien, Tranche 4 will be converted into new coin on the blockchain. towards the end of January 2020;


BONUS – Clarification on 3 types of bonus pursuant to the white paper

The bonus for the previous 3 tranches will be issued to wallet holders who qualify, after the contractual conversions of Tranche 4 and before tranche 5;

 The bonus structure as outlined below and in the white paper continues on a tranche by tranche basis up to tranche 9;

This bonus distribution is the first bonus issued, and as the ilien project  has only recently gone mainstream, this bonus distribution will be quite lucrative to wallet holders that qualify,  due to the initial number of wallets with ILN coin;


Bonus Type One:   

10% of the  value of tranches 1 to 3 with wallets of 1 ILN coin or more, will be shared equally among the qualifying  holders;

For bonus type one:  there are   c310,000 ILN coins available,

Anticipated payout:  Bonus 1:    10+ Ilien coin



Bonus Type Two:  

10% of the value of tranche 1 to 3 with wallets of 50 ILN coin or more, will be shared equally among the qualifying holders.

For bonus type two:  there are    c310,000 ILN coins available,

Anticipated payout:  Bonus 2:    100  Ilien coin


Bonus Type Three:

This bonus is not applicable for Tranche 1 to 3 bonus distribution – however from Tranche 4 onwards, 5% of the value of  each tranche will be shared on a pro rata basis with qualifying wallets;

Bonus Type 3, is set for a pro rata share of 5% of each tranche between the top 500 wallets with ILN coin;

This 500 number of qualifying wallets may be lowered or raised in number quantity, in the interim, as the need necessitates;

Figures are based on the supposition that approx thirty thousand wallets with balances of 1+ ilien will be in place before Tranche 4.

This bonus continues on a tranche by tranche basis up to Tranche 9, when the bonus structure may be revised pursuant to the white paper;

If your wallet qualifies for bonus type 2, your wallet also  qualifies for bonus type 1;


The bonus structure aims to share out bonus’s with all wallet users where possible, by keeping the initial bonus entry bar low at 1 ILN, whilst also keeping an incentive within the bonus structure (type 3) for the investor type wallet user;

The above complies with the intent of the white paper, and all lien conversion contracts from tranche 4 onwards will reflect this revised bonus structure;

Should you wish to avail of the upcoming 2 types of bonus, resulting from the conversions of tranches 1 to 3, it is now time to qualify your respective wallets for the upcoming bonus share;

You can order  your ILN coins from a third party at 



 TGBMS  is a typical Ilien supported good cause!

The ilien good cause team are delighted to support  TGBMS cause  (the great british mortgage swindle @ in their  class actions and efforts in bringing the truth of uk banking frauds to light;

The TGBMS ilien good cause support coins can be purchased (to finance court fees – the courts don’t accept ILN yet!) from the same third party at the TGBMS link at

The link also provides an option to donate directly without the need to purchase TGBMS ilien coins,  however without any ilien coin, you cannot avail of current nor future tranche bonus’s;

The ultimate aim of the TGBMS cause is to force and secure a state wide uk mortgage possession moratorium, to enable a fraud assessment on every single past mortgage sold;


Link to the ilien website is:

Link to  TGBMS  website: