Ann Vandersteel interviewed an explosive Jack Maxey a few days ago about Hunter Biden’s laptop. He spoke to her from Switzerland, where he’s now staying for his safety. The interview begins about five and a half minutes into the video.

Maxey is irate at all of the so-called “good guys” in the Senate who he approached with the laptop over the past 17 months and who did not respond. He says he no longer believes that any member of the House or the Senate deserves to be there and that the US Department of Justice is so corrupt that they can’t be trusted to do anything about it. He is hoping to have better luck with the Swiss authorities.

He and his team have found over a quarter of a million emails or double the amount that he had previously, “quadruple that number of photographs, documents that he [Hunter] thought he had deleted.”

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They’ve been curating the content and removing the child pornography, bank account numbers and any other illegal content and they will be making all of it publicly available within the next few days, having already posted some key emails to his Gab account.

Confirming claims made by the Russian military earlier this month and reported in the Daily Mail, the documents show that Hunter Biden helped to fund Metabiotas bioweapons program in Ukraine.

Hunter’s business partner at Rosemont Seneca wrote to him in March 2014: “We had a great dinner with Nathan and Robert from Metabiota last night. They are looking to do a series A in a few months which would allow us to mark up our investment to 5X what we paid.”


Maxey says, “Just 15 minutes ago, we found documents that make it appear as if [Mykola] Zlochevsky, the crooked criminal chairman of Burisma, is actually one of the largest shareholders of Metabiota. And now America and the world can understand exactly why Joe Biden had to go over there and make sure that Zlochevsky was never prosecuted.”

Maxey makes derogatory comments about former Trump White House staffer, Garrett Ziegler, who is also cataloguing the infamous Laptop from Hell on his Marco Polo website and about Tore Maras, who he accuses of “stealing” the laptop and feloniously hacking into Hunter’s bank accounts, referring to her as “The Cat Lady”.

This caused Patrick Byrne to jump on a quick live stream with Vandersteel on Friday afternoon to defend them both, saying that he was with them, along Rudy Giuliani at the White House in the aftermath of the 2020 Election and that Maxey’s claims about them were both false and uncalled for.


He says Tore was given a copy of the hard drive, which had malfunctioned and which she helped to repair with Rudy’s permission and that Ziegler never told Maxey that he was taking the hard drive to the DNI, because he knew the DNI already had a copy two months previously.

He says, “Garrett is producing a monster 500-page report that is the definitive exploitation of the Hunter laptop.”

Patrick also told Vandersteel, “Before Hunter took it in and gave it to that Delaware shop, he deleted and wiped 400,000 files that are worse than anything that’s come out yet. Those have been recovered… everything from porno pictures to letters to texts that he tried to delete out of existence…

“It’s the worst stuff that Hunter Biden tried to get rid of, before he turned it into the Delaware shop…Given what he didn’t erase, can you imagine what he DID erase?…He’s looking at decades [of jail time]…

“I think there’s stuff coming out…that they’re going to have to do something about Hunter. The question is, do they tie the father in?

“But more importantly, the Dinesh D’Souza movie coming and some information from us that’s coming beforehand, I think is the coup de grâce on this whole episode in American history.

“I think everything gets exposed in a way – Dinesh has film that nobody’s seen yet and we have something really major to release in April.”

Many have theorized that Hunter abandoned that computer at the repair shop on purpose, to get back at his father, who had forced him into this life of crime. As Patrick Byrne told Vandersteel, “It’s kinda funny that both Ashley loses her diary and Hunter leaves his laptop.”

For her part, Tore responded to Jack Maxey on her podcast Friday night, saying that Garrett Ziegler is a solid guy who is doing a professional job with Hunter Biden’s laptop and that Maxey’s comments about her were unfair and undeserved, although she understands his general state of upset, because we’re all upset right now.

She also said that Hunter Biden has been under investigation since 2017 – not 2018, as claimed by Maxey – and that, “Over the past year and a half, there have been a lot of Grand Juries and a lot of people have been testifying. There are actual people in the know who have testified but can’t talk about it,” and unless you’re one of those people, you don’t really know what’s going on.