I ran a disturbing video about smartdust/”>neuralnanorobotics and SmartDust the other day; about aerosolized nano swarms of bio-penetrable electrodes that are inhaled and implanted through mucus membranes and remain undetectable while forming a network within the brain to be able to both read and write into the brain’s function in real-time, remotely.

The purpose of this technology is to collect all physical and sensory data to create an accurate simulated digital world that has been sold to us as the Internet of Things (aka The Matrix), which would in time hijack the brain and body of those targeted via the implanted bots and by the AI that would be transmitted through many secret HAARP facilities constructed around the world in tandem with the 5G wireless network.

This video by Dana Ashlie goes way further down that rabbit hole about how these particles self-assemble into filament networks when combined with the stomach’s hydrochloric acid and how all of the above relates to chemtrails and Morgellon’s Disease.

It sounds crazy but the patents exist and we’ve been hearing reports about this technology from level-headed journalists like James Corbett, from other whistleblowers like JD at Level9News and for almost 20 years from my friends at

Dana is joined by a whistleblower who goes into very fine detail about the technology here and also about how ingesting a small amount of simple household borax, such as one may find in the laundry aisle has been shown to purge the body of these filaments. Additional benefits to ingesting a small amount of borax daily are arthritis relief, hormone balance, decalcification of the pineal gland, improved cell function, absorption of minerals and improved wound healing.