How New Cell Phone Towers Destroy Human Gene Expression

New research into low-level electromagnetic fields is showing that cell towers may seriously disrupt how human DNA expresses itself.

The two cloned mice below have identical DNA, yet one is showing serious genetic deformities due to inhibited methylation.


Methylation is a chemical action that determines the quality of our gene expression. Poor gene expression can result in a wide array of diseases, from diabetes to cancer. Even your weight and mood are connected to your gene expression.

When 2G and 3G cell phone signal studies were done on rats over an 8 year period, the rats exposed to cellphone radiation actually tended to live longer and showed no increase in disease. This is why the FCC declared cellphones to be of no risk to humans.

However, in recent weeks, a new study has shown that humans react far differently to cell tower radiation than rats do.

This is due to human sweat glands, which are unique in the animal kingdom. The sweat ducts in our upper skin layer are coil-shaped, like miniature helical antennae – and they don’t just look like antennae, they literally behave like receivers for sub-THz band frequencies!


Animals do not have sweat glands arrayed across their entire dermal structure like humans do. The reason why dogs pant to lower their body temperature and why pigs wallow in the mud is because they don’t have sweat glands throughout their bodies to cool off the way we do.


Current research is revealing that the hypomagnetic fields (HMFs) associated with cellphone radiation are causing abnormal human DNA methylation, thus disrupting genetic expression.

It is postulated that human sweat glands acting as receiver antennae for HMFs amplify these damaging effects and that the proliferation of 5G towers will only add to this problem.


With diseases like cancer and autism becoming the statistical norm, I think it’s absolutely necessary to take steps to protect ourselves from these known causes of epigenetic disruption.

Many studies have shown that certain methyl donor phytochemicals can help protect DNA methylation from such disruptions.

Ingesting methyl donors can not only help protect your gene expression from the onslaught of 5G microwave and millimeter wave radiation, it can also help your brain to function better, as well.


Methyl donors not only promote favorable gene expression but also assist in the billions of chemical exchanges necessary for human cognition and thought.

My sponsor, LifeScienceInternational has formulated a highly-effective methyl donor supplement based on research which just came out this year.

Users report feeling more clear-headed immediately but the protective benefits of these methyl donors in gene expression may make it a vital component for surviving the onslaught of 5G.