Dr Ana Mihalcea joins Sean at the SGT Report to discuss her recent findings that unvaxxed folks now have the same risks as the vaxxed. She believes that the rubbery clots found by morticians are being caused by the hydrogel in the vaxx and that we are all injesting the nanotechnology that creates them. We’re inhaling it from the chemtrails and consuming it orally through our food and water.

Her presentation, ‘Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity: Darkfield Live Blood Analysis’ begins at the 20 minute mark.

She says, “26 teams (and more) have investigated the vials and I was part of such a team. There was an RNA sequence for many vials but it…was truncated, there were fragments of it but it didn’t have the entire sequence of it that was required to produce a spike protein…


“We didn’t find any objective difference between vaxxinated and unvaxxinated blood…Everybody started developing these filaments, all of the blood was clumping…

“This is impedance spectroscopy. We used frequencies from 0 to 25,000Hz and applied it to the blood and just observed what happened. It turns out that at 4Hz, there was a substantial difference in the vaxxinated blood; it was extremely sensitive to 4Hz. Let me explain that.

“Our Earth’s biosphere has a resonance called the Schumann Resonance: 7.8Hz and nothing natural vibrates below that because it’s related to the size of the Earth. So 4Hz, though has been documented around the Earth and it’s an artificial, synthetic signal that comes from HAARP, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project, which is used for weather warfare, DNA modification and mind control and it turns out that the vaccinated have a very specific sensitivity to 4Hz electromagnetic radiation…

“We’re inhaling it. We’re being sprayed with it. We’re inhaling 20 million nanoparticles per breath, according to Dane Wigington. It’s being shed, it’s in the meat supply. I’ve found this stuff in meat. It’s in everything. It’s in medication. So, this is what this assault is about and this is what I’ve been warning the world about.

“People are just talking about the spike protein, it’s like you’re missing the target. This [the hydrogel] is really what is the danger for humanity and this is how it’s working.”

Dr Ana shows videos of insulin being added to a live blood sample and then a dental anesthetic (novocaine) being added to live blood and you can see the self-assembly of nanochips being formed out of the hydrogel nanoparticles in the medication and the building blocks in the blood.

On a positive note, Dr Ana believes the best way to eliminate the hydrogel and the synthetic biology from the Death Shot is chelation therapy with EDTA and she shows a blood sample Before and After chelation.

“So you absolutely want to take oral vitamin C every day…I recommend – if your gut can tolerate it – up to 10,000mg per day…Clifford [Carnicom] and I are researching so many other things: vitamin supplementation is very important, electron donors, antioxidants, EDTA, things like humic and fulvic acid…we found that hydrosol gold is able to dissolve the microchips, so I’m using that in my protocols, as well.

“Nattokinase is important for the micro clotting that develops also from the acidity. All of these things, together are definitely very important. Nitric acid is needed by the microbiome to detoxify graphene.”

Visit Dr Ana’s Substack to learn more.