German New Medicine | Disease Is Really A Natural Healing Process

German New Medicine | Disease Is Really A Natural Healing Process

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been delving into a radical natural  health movement called German New Medicine [GNM].

Whilst I am only just beginning my research into this potentially life-changing field of study, here is the briefest possible layman’s summary of its empirically proven postulations.

Layman’s Summary of GNM Principles

1 Everything we have been taught to recognise as sickness and disease is in reality part of the body’s natural healing process, following emotional trauma or shock.

2 All disease is caused by one or more of a set of emotionally distressing or shocking conflicts, each of which is controlled by the part of the brain that manages the function of the affected organ or body part.

3 Every tumour which grows in or on the body is mirrored by a tumour that grows in the part of the brain which controls the organ or body part affected. They arise simultaneously.

4. There is no such thing as metastasization of tumours [otherwise known cancer spreading], since they only arise from some form of emotionally disturbing conflict or shock.

5. The sustained fear of developing terminal disease will guarantee eventual death, in the event the causal conflict [fear of fatal illness] is not properly resolved.

6. Mainstream medicine does not treat the causes of sickness and disease. Instead, it seeks to obliterate the body’s natural defences to them, chemotherapy being an obvious example of that.

7. There is no such thing as the Immune System, which means that all so-called auto-immune responses, which are treated with pharmaceuticals designed to suppress them, are actually the body’s defence system in action.

8. Toxins, bacteria and viruses do not cause sickness and disease; they merely impede or destroy the body’s capacity to recover from emotional conflict or shock, just as certain natural foods, herbs, oils, amino acids, vitamins and minerals assist the body’s healing process, without ever being the actual cure for the problem.

9. The vast majority of cancerous growths disappear of their own accord, once the recovery from the emotional stress is complete.

10. All diseases occur when the body is recovering from the stress of the conflicts or shock which caused them and they all disappear if the body is allowed to recover from them naturally.

A Game-Changer For All Health Practitioners

All of the claims above are supported by decades of empirical research by the founder of GNM, the late Dr Med Ryke Geerd Hamer, as well as the work of his brilliant protege, Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.

In the event its principles become generally accepted, it will comprise the most emphatic kind of game-changer for all health practitioners, for one potentially incendiary reason:

GNM illuminates the truly genocidal nature of mainstream medicine, which always prescribes a chemical assault on the body’s natural defense mechanisms, thereby significantly impeding or preventing recovery.

Furthermore, Dr Hamer cured 98% of the cancer patients he treated after completing his research, the first having been himself [from testicular cancer], following the emotional shock he experienced at the sudden death of his son.

The 2% he wasn’t able to cure all died because of what Dr Hamer described as unresolved emotional conflicts, caused by the fear they were destined to be struck down by cancer, which aptly illuminates the power of the human mind.

That being the case, it would mean that WiFi and 5G do not cause cancer and other conditions, as claimed by people like Barrie Trower, whom I have featured in my work on the subject.

In fact, it also would mean that only the emotional trauma of fearing that eventuality could cause it, in which case I will take down everything I have published on the subject of the potential health effects of 5G.

Pause For Thought

Critical thinkers might well be asking themselves, in the light of this shocking information:

If smoking cigarettes does not cause lung cancer, but smoking them whilst fearing that eventual outcome does, why does the law compel manufacturers to place pictures of cancer victims on the packaging of all UK tobacco products?

The only logical answer to that very serious question is that only those making money from bogus cancer treatments and those engaged in population reduction would benefit from such a nefarious conspiracy, with the aim being to maximize the money wasted on mainstream treatments, as well as a soaring rate of mortality.

Case Studies

From my own life, I have three examples of the principles of German New Medicine in action.

Cervical Cancer

GNM prescribes that cervical cancer occurs in the resolution stage of a sexual conflict of some description, usually involving pregnancy.

Somebody I know terminated her pregnancy, divorced her blameless husband and was diagnosed as having cervical cancer, while recovering from the emotional conflict which led to the termination of the child they had previously longed for.

The sheer weight of the shock she felt when she realised she had effectively destroyed three lives caused her cervix to enlarge and she ended up having the completely benign cells surgically removed.

From that day onward, she was unable to conceive another child naturally, having been at normal reproductive capacity before the surgical intervention.

Heart Attack

When my father accepted that there was no chance Bank of Scotland were going to try to steal the homes of my sister and my parents, he had a near fatal heart attack just afterwards, which resulted in quadruple bypass surgery, from which he is still recovering.

German New Medicine prescribes that heart attacks almost always occur after a serious territorial conflict or shock, but always in the early stages of the recovery period.

So it would appear the cause of my Dad’s heart attack was his unresolved and largely unexpressed fears that he would see his family lose their homes, at a time in his life when he is no longer physically fit enough to bounce back from financial ruin.

However, had he not had the surgery and the plethora of accompanying drugs pumped into his body, he could have resolved his fears and made a full recovery, simply by staying in bed, staying calm, breathing deeply and talking about it all with his family for long enough to reach an emotional resolution.

Instead, he has a foot long scar on his torso, new parts to his heart that don’t work as well as the old ones did and he gets out of breath just talking, never mind walking, which had never previously happened in his entire life.

An advert for heart surgery he most certainly isn’t, but he is lucky to be alive all the same.

Skin Cancer

Just a few days after I resolved the conflict with The Spy Who Said He Loved Me by publishing the story, a  melanoma arose from clear skin on my right temple.

Whilst I initially treated it with very strong organic oregano oil from Greece, as I have done to similar growth on my head in the past, I stopped treating it after discovering German New Medicine and it has since disappeared of its own accord.

GNM states that skin cancer arises from an attack conflict, which includes just about any kind of attack which causes emotional stress, trauma or shock.

Since the spy had just attacked me with false allegations in the sanctity of my own home, it appears obvious that the melanoma was caused by emotional tumult which rose within me at the denouement, prior to the recovery I made by publicly expressing the sorry tale and learning from it.

Once again, the parallels are more than obvious, for those with the eyes to see.

Courageous Pioneers

However, as I have already indicated, my learning on this subject is embryonic, so please take the time to watch this essential presentation by Caroline Markolin, Ph.D, on the five biological laws upon which German New Medicine medicine is founded.


Once you come to a basic understanding of exactly what is being put forward, you should begin to comprehend that this information is genuinely intended to save lives, as quickly as possible.

The best way to help do that is by sharing it with everybody you know, so they can make up their own minds, especially if you or a loved one are suffering from any kind of malady.