Former FBI translator, Turkish-Iranian-American journalist, Sibel Edmonds wanted to understand how the anti-war movement in the West, which had its greatest protest turn-outs just prior to the 2003 US Coalition invasion of Iraq has become so completely neutered.

This is a question my friends and I have been asking ourselves for years. Like so many bad things in the 21st century, we concluded that George Soros’ purchase of the Democrat Party had had a lot to do with it. Former anti-war activists are today paid handsomely to promote grievances based on their “protected class” ethnicity, gender or dysphoria thereof.

She asks, “How did Deep State players take over promising activist movements? How did they co-opt, channel and neuter real activists and organizers? Who are the top 5 Deep State players in the neutering of non-partisan movements and protests? And why?

“In this episode, I provide you with my real-life, direct, first-hand experience during the period between 2003 and 2006 – yes, over 15 years ago – when the top 5 deep state players approached me and my over-150 government whistleblower organization; when mega dollars were offered, elite Board of Advisors were proposed, with an absurd price tag attached to it all.

“I go beyond the humanitarian cost of US wars abroad and discuss the cost at home; how my unknowing fellow Americans are affected by these wars.

“Concerned about our broken healthcare system? Worried about our deteriorating educational system? Outraged by our nearly 1 million homeless on the streets? Wary of our outdated and about-to-expire infrastructure at home, from bridges and dams to roads and power plants?

“Then tune in, because our non-stop, costly wars of aggression are the main culprits – or one of the main culprits behind these problems.

“And finally, I talk about possible ways to challenge all this, counter the deep state and help revive organized nonpartisan activism.

“I’ve been wanting to do a comprehensive episode on this topic for a very, very long time. In the last few days, after reading dozens of emails and comments from my Newsbud community friends I decided to just get down to it and do it.”

Edmonds recently re-located from Oregon to Turkey, from where she is now producing her Newsbud podcasts, to which she wants you to subscribe as a paying member.