FDA Confirms Colloidal Silver Safe and Effective Against Corona Virus (Publisher Recommended)

Colloidal silver hit my radar last summer in an article about it killing deadly viruses. After some research, I discovered it’s long history of safe and effective treatment for all microbe related illnesses studied. Better yet, there have been no reports of resistance being developed to colloidal silver. A good page about this is at TheMedicShack.net/colloidal-silver/. There are also many pages of clinical studies beginning at TheSilverEdge.com/clinical-studies/Colloidal silver is very low cost compared to pharmaceuticals, because it’s old medicine and can’t be patented for big profits by big pharma. Since learning all that, it’s been in my medicine cabinet waiting for some illness to cure.

I was pretty sure, but not certain, it would be effective on the coronavirus pandemic, or plandemic, which now has the world shamelessly surrendering their remaining freedoms wholesale. Now we have some strong evidence that it works because of a trusty guideline, “if the government says it, then its most likely a lie”. NaturalNews.com recent article, “FDA aggressively attacking colloidal silver products to clear the way for a Big Pharma coronavirus VACCINE (that will probably kill 100,000 Americans all by itself),” seems to have provided the needed confirmation. This attack was directed against those companies claiming to have a treatment for the coronavirus. If there are no significant downsides, then the only reason for the FDA to attack colloidal silver companies is to protect the coronavirus related profits of its big pharma owners.

Colloidal Silver Downsides

My research to find any downsides was repeated and again came up almost empty. The only serious possible complication is from an allergy to silver. If you can wear a real silver ring, that’s not a problem. For another easy test, you can put a little colloidal silver on a bandaid and wear it for a while to see if there is a reaction. If you’re the more daring sort, you can take a small oral dose to see what happens.

The FDA loves to spread reports about a few people who drank something called “colloidal silver” in copious amounts, for years, and turned bluish, forever. But what they consumed had big silver particles, which get stuck in your body and accumulate, plus it contained things other than silver in pure water. Beyond that, by all accounts, they were healthy as a horse. To assure that doesn’t happen to you, be certain you’re using the real thing with very small nanoparticles. There’s a good page to help you do this without a lab at “How To Be Sure It’s Real Colloidal Silver

People who sick enough for the silver to kill a lot of organisms sometimes develop flu-like symptoms called, Herxheimer Reaction. However, this is simply what happens when the body flushes a lot of dead organisms out of your system. It’s perfectly normal.

Some of the reading indicated a risk for the lower gut flora, which could become a problem. Opinions on that are varied. However, taking only a teaspoon on a full stomach avoids that possible issue. Many report that doing this daily prevents colds, flu and other infectious ailments. Using it as a mouthwash before you swallow it also help keep teeth and gums healthy. It’s noteworthy that many pharmaceuticals definitely kill your gut flora and they don’t even warn you about it.


(Publisher Recommended)
I’ve been using Colloidal Silver since I was badly burned in 1994. I was given a cream called SilverDyne https://www.whaintl.com/the-science-of-silverdyne & https://www.verywellhealth.com/silvadene-cream-overview-4173961

After healing I had enough left over that lasted my family of 6 for almost a decade. Cheap and very effective for any skin infection/rash etc. I definitely missed it when it ran out. I then shopped for it at the Drug Stores and was told that I could only get it by prescription (lotion with some silver in it ????).

Now you can get it almost anywhere https://www.amazon.com/slp/silvadene-cream/9fmhfhd628ju3ya

But I get mine via http://ppmsilvercosmetics.com/ERNEST/ (for discounts) that understands the need for concentrations of nanosilver for maximum benefits and elimination of turning blue bullshit that has always been a scare tactic IMNSHO.

I travel with a ‘Nebuliser’ (SP?) that sprays a very fine mist (Nasal Sprayer) that I inhale via the nose or mouth. I mostly exhale fully and then inhale deeply while giving a couple pumps of the solution directly into my mouth so that the particles go deep into my lungs and coats my throat whenever I feel even the slightest tickle in my throat.

While traveling (I’m sitting in the Philly Airport right now) I inhale a dose whenever I think about it and a 1 fl. oz. itty bitty bottle will last me a couple WEEKS…. then I refill from a liter bottle…. BOOM! not sick in over a year.

I remember stories on FreedomsPhoenix where the FDA was trying to Spank NASA over the International Space Station using Colloidal Silver and their response was that they were outside their jurisdiction IN SPACE 🙂 https://www.space.news/2016-06-06-nasa-open-to-using-silver-treated-water-in-space-despite-fda-opposition.html –
https://gaia-energy.org/en/kolloidales-silber-im-weltraum/ – https://www.utopiasilver.com/nasa-approves-colloidal-silver-for-international-space-station/

We’ve done lots of stories on its history and use – https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/074051-2010-08-19-a-brief-history-of-silver-and-silver-colloids-in-medicine.htm

Get stocked up for this SCARE… and the next one and the next one and the next one.