Amazing Polly lays it out very clearly the mechanics of how the psychopaths intend to roll out COVID 2.0.


This is the drug trial syndicate. This is how they get away with human experimentation. Live.


This vaxxine is admittedly in the Phase 3 clinical trials as we speak.

Live, out there on your children and your parents and your husbands and wives and your sisters and brothers. Live.

And how are they getting away with it?


Aren’t there overseeing bodies that are making sure that the vaxxines are safe?

And they’re keeping track of the adverse events?

Sure! Yes! There are! And they’re all captured by the World Bank, the United Nations and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Then they partner with the organizations that are making the drugs and the “philanthropists” who want global population reduction.

Literally, this is one team. This is one team.

Do you really think they have your best interests at heart?

Or do you think this partnership is handy for covering up vaxxine adverse events?

Freeze it. Personalize it, they said. So I did.

I picked Fernando Polack.

And I investigated him and we find out about his network of pediatric hospitals in Argentina, where Vanderbilt University is sending medical students with the opportunity for them to perform “Translational Medicine”.

In other words, human experiments on the babies and children in these 26 hospitals.

Who funds this?

Bill and Melinda Gates and the National Institutes of Health.

We know what “Translational Medicine” meant for Kano, Nigeria, when Pfizer went and tested their Trovan drug, using medical students and inexperienced, unlicensed providers. I can’t even call them “providers” – just people.

They just sent some people over there and they stuck Trovan down the throats of these children, many of whom died.

They don’t care about you.

And now, Fernando Polack, through his Infant organization and his access to the babies might be testing the RSV vaxxine – The Respiratory Synctytial Virus.

And we saw how many are in the pipeline.

They’re going to aim this at the children, again.

Who knows? But all these people, all these drug companies and universities and research centers, they’re betting that they can pull COVID 2.0.

For another “disease” that causes symptoms like the Common Cold.