Do Annual Flu Shots Shorten Life Expectancy?

With the latest rendition of flu shots rolling out all over the country, it may be time to take a second look at a study released in 2018 suggesting that getting an annual flu shot actually increased the chances of flu deaths among the elderly.

“It has taken time, but some experts now wonder if recent bad flu seasons are, in part, the direct result of mass vaccination; herd immunity may now be weaker, and some severe cases may be specifically caused by the vaccine, via ‘antibody-dependent enhancement of infection,’” the study authors wrote.

“Since 2004, Tom Jefferson, Peter Doshi and their colleagues at the Cochrane Collaboration have published several reviews spotlighting the absence of high quality evidence for flu vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. [BMJ, Lancet, Cochrane, etc] In 2005 Doshi exposed statistical distortions introduced by the CDC seemingly in an effort to market the vaccine. [BMJ 2005;331:1419] The distortions continue to this day.”

Five South Koreans Die After Getting Flu Shots

Questions about the safety of the latest flu vaccine have arisen after five people in South Korea died shortly after receiving the vaccine.

While health officials denied any connection to the vaccine, authorities still opened an investigation. The country’s rollout of the national vaccine program had been suspended earlier over safety concerns that about 5 million flu vaccine doses had not been properly stored during transport.

So far, South Korea has reported around 350 adverse reactions, including the five deaths, to this year’s flu vaccine. Authorities are also concerned about the public’s waning trust in vaccines of any kind. In a recent poll, a whopping 62% said they would not get the new COVID-19 vaccine right away.