Commercial Lien Notice- Notice of Lien-published on the 01 September 2020 by the sec

A Common Law Commercial Lien has been LAWFULLY established between myself, bernadette morris and the corporation/person/individual who accepts liability for the Name “PETER NEUTBOOM” at address c/o Cooperative Rabobank UA, 2 Georges Dock House, Georges Dock House, I.F.S.C., Dublin 1, herein referred to as “the Tortfeaser”. Thus I am LAWFULLY able to seize goods and assets that belong to the Tortfeaser, up to the amount of the Commercial Lien, which is 2,000,000.00 (two million) euro.

This Notice is to inform all, that the credit worthiness of this Tortfeaser is, hencefort, highly suspect, until the Lien lapses-or is, by some other means, removed.