Peggy Hall has been doing a yeoman’s job of fighting COVID Fascism in Orange County, spearheading the successful reversal of the Mask Mandate there. Her website is full of resources for those who wish to challenge this protracted pseudo-medical tyranny in their own jurisdictions.

Below is a sampling of her thinking about the use of masks – and links to the New England Journal of Medicine, CAL-OSHA Regulations, California Department of Health, FDA, CDC, US Surgeon General Jerome Adams, Dr. Anthony Fauci, WHO (Dr. Mike Ryan), US Department of Labor — OSHA, which all agree that masks are useless at offering protection from infection and that they are harmful – that is, before some of them reversed themselves, due to political pressure.

Freedom isn’t free. If you have extra free time and don’t like frivolous mandates, check out Peggy Hall’s site to learn how you can stop the madness in your own community.


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