The Men Who Stole the World: Inside the 2008 Financial Crisis

More than a decade since the global economic meltdown of 2008 devastated lives across the world, no one who caused the crisis has been held responsible. “The 2008 financial crisis displayed what the world now identifies as financial contagion,” says Philip J Baker, the former managing partner of a US-based hedge fund that collapsed during …[continue reading]

Is 5G Dangerous? What The Science Says

The question isn’t “Is 5G dangerous?” The real question is “Just how dangerous is it, and what can we do about it?” In this guest post Lois Cadwallader shares how 5G will impact our bodies, our brains, and our planet. Not to mention the privacy issues. Learn how to protect yourself, mind, body, soul and …[continue reading]

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World-Renowned Doctor Addresses Climate Engineering Dangers

How do we retain our health in an increasingly contaminated environment? Though there are countless forms of contamination from human activities, the climate engineering fallout is the most widespread and unavoidable of all. In this interview world-renowned physician Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt discusses the extreme dangers posed to our health and the health of the planet …[continue reading]

Dialectics – Predetermined Outcomes

Grounded in philosophy true dialectical discourse dates back to Plato and uses a process of analytical debate to discern truth. However, modern dialectics is based on Marx’ construct that removes the human or spiritual element replacing it with materialism thus rendering dialectical discourse ridged and artificial (dialectical materialism). The fundamental difference is that the Caucasian …[continue reading]