Dr Jane Ruby joins Stew Peters to answer viewer questions, such as 1) “How is vaxx shedding transmitted?” and 2) “Is it safe for a pureblood to date a vaxxed person?”

The answers to the above are:

1) The vaxxine shedding phenomenon is real and it appears to be transmitted via skin-to-skin contact. It is not yet known if these risks and effects are temporary or permanent;


2) Dr Ruby says that she wouldn’t take the chance of exposing herself to the shedding of a vaccinated person. She says that the Pfizer investigators’ brochure specifically warns that a woman of childbearing age whose spouse or partner has been vaxxed would be “in danger”.

She continues, “It doesn’t get better than hearing directly from the criminals, themselves.” In other words, if you’re smart enough to have avoided the vaxx, you should be smart enough to not date someone who has been vaxxed, as sad as this is.

Another questioner asks if any results have come from analyses of the blood clots removed from cadavers by embalmers and Dr Ruby replies, “I do have a couple of minor updates. The embalmer that I am most in touch with…is Mr Richard Hirschman, a 20-year board-certified embalmer who originally came forward with the pictures and the videos…

“Well, that was four or five months ago, he still hasn’t done it and neither has anyone else…Now, he’s looking for less visible researchers and scientists with labs to do it, because apparently, the frontline doctors don’t want to touch it.”

The two discuss their views on people like Steve Kirsch and Dr Robert Malone. Stew the launches into a diatribe against the latter, because he’s withheld certain information for fear of losing his license.

Then, Dr Ruby drops a bombshell:

“I’m just going to end by saying, I called it from the beginning, nobody believed me, I was told recently by one of the three DOD whistleblowers that Tom Renz revealed in the January 24th Ron Johnson hearing, that Dr Malone still has two live contracts for more vaccines with the DOD.

“We know this is a DOD operation, it has been since the beginning. So, ‘Red flag on the field! Red flag on the field!”

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