This is a short clip from a recent address by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who served as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States 2011 to 2016.


by Carlo Maria Viganò


A few weeks ago, an important collaborator of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta was arrested for pedophilia and child pornography. I am referring to Slade Sohmer, a man with ties to the world of Broadway and cinema, who played a role in the effort debunk the infamous “Pizzagate affair,” that is, the network of filthy complicity and horrendous crimes against minors that revolves around the international deep state.

We have learned that Jeffrey Epstein and most likely, Ghislaine Maxwell were members of the Israeli Mossad. This makes us understand that the famous trips of many well-known people to Epstein’s island were used to blackmail them by collecting evidence of their guilt in heinous ritual crimes against minors.

And if the Heads of State and government officials of the Western World do not dare to breathe a word of protest against the massacres of civilians in the Gaza Strip, it is legitimate to assume that attitude this is extensive to the dossiers and videos inculpating them that are in the possession of the Israeli intelligence services.


The same thing must have happened with the preparation of the fake pandemic emergency. It was slavishly replicated in all the member states of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations and also with the farce of the Ukrainian crisis.

But if this blackmail of the powerful of the world constitutes the unifying element of the Globalist subversive project, we cannot help but think that the indispensable role played by the Catholic Church has been in some way forced, not only by the appointment of Bergoglio, as an enemy of the Church, placed in the very top position but by the sexual and financial scandals that have only partially emerged, due to the many prelates who are agents of the deep church.

How can we think that a person like Theodore McCarrick, who entered the White House without the need to be announced and who continued to represent the Vatican’s diplomatic interests in China even after he was accused of being a serial predator did not enjoy the support of those powerful individuals who shared with him the most vile vices and the most heinous crimes?

Are we to think that the partnership between the deep state and the deep church was limited to complicity in financial speculation, when a pedophile like Slade Sohmer collaborated with the Clintons and Barack Obama, all of whom were implicated in Pizzagate? Or that Bill Gates’ numerous flights to Epstein’s island, along with those with numerous actors, rulers,, bankers and VIPs have nothing to do with the network of complicity of the lavender mafia?

From the leaked emails in the WikiLeaks case, we know that John Podesta was working on behalf of Hillary Clinton and Obama – and the globalist elite, in general – to promote a “color revolution” within the Church that was supposed to oust Benedict XVI from the papacy, elect an ultra-progressive pope and substantially modify the Catholic Magisterium by making it accept the demands of the Agenda 2030: So, gender equality, the introduction of gender ideology and LGBTQ+ doctrine, the democratization of the Church governance, collaboration in the neo-Malthusian project of the Great Reset, cooperation on immigrationism and cancel culture.

It seems clear to me that this subversive project has found perfect realization in the appointment of Bergoglio – and I use the word “appointment” deliberately – and that it is confirmed by his consistent pattern of acts of governance and magisterial teaching, both public and private, over the course of this most inauspicious decade, an action that has, in fact carried out the wishes – the desiderata – or the rather, the mandates (the mandata), the orders of the elite, point by point, and in such a precise way as to be unequivocal.