AGRICULTURAL TERROR: New Zealand Blocks Farmworkers, Leaves Crops to Rot (Links In Description)

Pandemic problem: Farmworkers leave fields due to COVID-19 testing mandate Mitch Galloway, Farm News Media; Video by Janelle Brose, Farm News Media… Biden wants to test everyone in food supply chain: Biden says “It’s not just the folks in the White House, or who travel with me, that deserve regular testing. It’s folks in the meatpacking and food processing plants, grocery store workers. Every single American deserves safety and peace of mind.”… USDA losing credibility: Arlan Suderman. @ArlanFF101 USDA-WASDE is allowed to use judgement. @usda_nass has always been able to stand behind the numbers. But, it is increasingly back-adjusting survey results without publishing numbers to back up the adjustments, hurting its previous strong credibility. #statchat #oatt 12:44 PM · Sep 30, 2020·Tweet From Twitter… Agricultural terrorism: Netherlands sabotage (Please note this article is written in the Dutch language. To read the article in your language simply grab the text and translate it with Google Translate)… Agricultural terrorism: Michigan – willful intent to harm livestock:… Rockefeller Foundation’s “RESET THE TABLE”:… ______________________ CENS🚫RED!⛔BL🚫CKED!❎BANNED!❎ Vigilant Mindset Back Up Platforms Stay connected to Vigilant Mindset! Subscribe to all platforms now! All Videos Are Backed Up On Vigilant Mindset’s Bitchute (Subscribe Now)… ***** PLEASE NOTE: ► Even if you are subbed to the YouTube Channels, Youtube can regularly UNSUB you without your knowledge . So, bookmark my pages and check back often for new videos. ► Also, your subscription does NOT automatically give you upload notifications unless you click the BELL button on the channels. Please, take a second to do this. Vigilant Mindset YouTube Channel… Vigilant Mindset 2 YouTube Channel… Vigilant Mindset 3 YouTube Channel… Vigilant Mindset 4 YouTube Channel… ***** VIGILANT MINDSETS GROUP……… Contact me here: